Sunday, August 30, 2015

This is the reason Cops get shot


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A great deal of attention is being paid to the Afroid for Obama who shot a White Texas law enforcement officer while the cop was putting in gas,  but the real reason why has to be explained and it is located in Michigan in another cop getting killed.

Trooper Chad Wolf, 38, was crossing over I-75 on Dixie Highway in Springfield Township in southeastern Michigan when the car’s driver suddenly switched lanes to enter I-75, police told
The 72-year-old driver from nearby Waterford slammed into Wolf at around 6:30 a.m., police said. The collision threw Wolf off his bike and trapped him beneath the empty flatbed as the driver continued onto the interstate, according to the Michigan State Police.

OK, you are on a motor scooter, and the laws of physics state that your .25 ounce badge does not outweigh a 6000 pound vehicle going 60 miles an hour.

That is what I mean by why cops are killed. They are arrogant and taught arrogance by the federal SWAT protocols. They are taught to view the public as trolls to be shot by their big guns in their posse squads. The majority glare at the public with contempt, speed like a raped ape in their taxpayer paid vehicles they abuse and allow other fed license plates to speed too.
We have all experienced the dick head cop who is putzing along five miles an hour in heavy traffic, just because they can, causing a traffic jam to slow things down endangering everyone.

That kind of arrogance breeds a mentality that "I go this badge and I am invincible and my .25 ounce badge is armor protection against cars and against bullets.

For the police, even though most of you lurk around in your terror cars and uniforms which are black, camo and hidden to catch people, you still stick out, and people do not like you, because too many of your officers have left bad impressions on the public. You may be a great person, but the ass who just intimidated a driver or butted in line at a store, pissed off some very spiked people.

So when you put gas in your car, you probably should realize you are sticking out like a target and probably should be paying attention to your surroundings like all of us targets have to, as we have to dodge both the cops and the criminal preying on us.

Same goes with a guy on a scooter. Maybe some old folks is never going to see you, and so you should get your ass out of the way, and not act like you are driving around in a tank.

Truth is never popular with law enforcement, but Truth is what will keep you alive, as your comrades in high priced jobs are keeping rich people safe, while roughing up the poor people.

Either you are going to learn that, or more of Farrakhan's army is going to be blasting liberal reporters in staged events and more Afroids are going to be sneaking up while you are dreaming of donuts or scoping out the hot chic you just ran the tags on to see if you can get a little off of her.

This is not about loving or hating cops.  This is about the physics that arrogant police do not stop speeding bullets or locomotives.

As a note to you cops, when Obama's War on Races start, it is you who are going tits up by design in this plan for the heart strings and not the regime stooges. You are acceptable collateral damage just like the Afroids are.

nuff said