Monday, August 24, 2015

Tea Party Killer Carly Fiorina

Cara Carlton Sneed Fiorina AKA Carly Fiorina

For those who are part of the Twatzika Gestapo of Carly Fiorina in being wowed by her debate and smearing Donald Trump over Megyn Kelly's bloody nose this FOX for Bush bully tried to give Mr. Trump, here are some facts about your heroine.

For those who forget when the Senate mattered, in Sarah Palin was promoting the candidacy of Tea Party candidates from Alaska, Colorado, Nevada to the east coast........there was a Jebcaver group in the Senate led by John Cornyn of Texas, who was in charge of money for dishing out to Senate campaigns.

I will refresh your memories in this, that all of the Tea Party candidates were savaged by the GOP, and funding was cut off from them, when a few hundred thousand in those campaigns would have secured victory for women like Christine O'Donnell.

Want to know who got the millions though? Why it was Carly Fiorina who sucked the well dry, and tossed the election in California. I will repeat in this something which you need reminding of.

Carly Fiorina is in favor of sodomy, illegals, Muslims, dividing Israel and trashing Donald Trump. She is Hillary Clinton in the GOP and a proven Jebcaver.

Rumor has it circulated that now Ms. Fiorina is soliciting offshore campaign contributions, just like crook Obama did.......and that is illegal.

Carly Fiorina could not win in California. She did though destroy Tea Party candidates by sucking the life blood out of every one of their campaigns, and re elected Harry Reid and sent other democrats into Congress.

Carly Fiorina is not a Conservative. She is liberal who likes firearms as most liberals do.

Fiorina likes focusing on an illusion that she was fired from a computer company for being hot............which she is not, which diverts what she did in destroying the Tea Party movement with the GOP establishment.

Is it any wonder she is hacking at Donald Trump for Jeb Bush? She is an insider of the worst treacherous kind.

That is the reality of Carly Fiorina. Carly Fiorina killed the Tea Party.