Monday, August 24, 2015

Your FInancial Abyss

American court stops Mt. Gox from auctioning Bitcoin domain

US stocks plunge in early trading after Chinese stock rout
NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. stock markets plunged in early trading Monday following a big drop in Chinese stocks. The Dow Jones industrial average fell more than 1,000 points in early trading and the...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that you wealthy people's sins are inscribed with a pen of diamond upon a page of steel with the Stock Markets collapsing, it is time to express this witness against you, for you have donated to satan.

Of course, you will say, "How have I donated to satan?" The answer is simple, that in prosperous times you stole from this blog, did not donate when you could of, were warned what was coming, and you still sat there like the rich man tormenting Lazarus as you chose your god of investments for your faith.

You could have given a lion's share to this blog, but instead greed and fear clung to those investments, and now the grim reaper of the bankers of satan have appeared, and with each coming swath of economic downturn, your portfolios are going to be gleaned, and that money is being donated to satan.
There are no moths nor mildew in the Stock Market to rob you, just financiers who now are taking those finances you thought were yours and giving them all over to satan's rule of this world.

You rich people are going to answer for this before an unmoveable Christ on His Judgment Throne.

Goldman Sachs has now revealed in the 1000 point plunge just how this will be deflated. They can not stop it, and are under orders as is Geithner to not stop it. The Obama Global Economic Bust has come due, and as most of you are too sloven to do a search of LAME CHERRY RIGHT AGAIN, in January 2009 AD in the year of our Lord, before Obama was even in office illegally as President, two Words of the Lord came to me, associated with the Barack Hussein Obama Chin and those words were UTTER RUIN.

You children and brats did a wonderful job in incurring the disfavor of the Prophetess. The one person you should have done all for, and most of you bitch slapped me and thought you would get away with it.

The reckoning wave has been initiated and I hope to God that this does not stop until Jesus is standing on Zion and there are 6 billion of you satan culls feeding the birds.
You had your choice as did the vermin of Noah's day. Now the Ark is being sealed and the deluge of fire is coming to sweep you away.

The culls and vermin should stop reading now, and go lie to themselves about how wonderful they are in their swimming pools and jets, as if they had any sense they would be pissing themselves and in a fetal position.

For my children, the Holy Ghost divined for me this day, the reading of II Chronicles and King Jehosophat when the armies of the relatives of the Israelites came to destroy Jerusalem. It was a time of fear and weakness for them, but the Word of the Lord came to one of the sons of the Levites who told the people, that the Lord would deliver them, the people simply had to walk out and look for deliverance, and the Lord of the Battle would waste their enemies.

I know my children that many of you are confused and there is fear. I am filled with delight and am invigorated in this, and you should to. These are the times you have been born to. Be happy and rejoice in singing or repeating the Praise which King Jehosophat instructed the singers to sing:

Oh give thanks unto the Lord
For He is Good
And His Mercy endureth forever.

Be of good courage, for you are more than finance and possessions. You are the possession of God by the Lord Christ. The Holy Ghost has made you family to God in Spirit. You are His children if you are my children. You have heard His Voice here, so move onward Christian Soldier in Faith, that you have the victory in Christ, and all of this is but markings.....marking who are apostate in voting for Obama.......marking those who are vile and tools of satan as they cling to the devil's regimes and lucre......marking those for God's Wrath, but you are the children of Grace.

Do not be discouraged. The God Who brought you from your natal covers, is the God Who still covers you in His Spiritual Blood by Christ. You will be fed, you will be clothed, you will be sheltered, and if you think you lose something in this world, it is God's Will to remove those impediments from you, for your inheritance is to rule with Christ for 1000 years on His return. The Royal Priesthood can not serve if they are hidden in bunker in Arkansas.

The servants of satan are employing their final phase as has been Prophesied. This is the Will of the Lord to prove all is corrupt in regimes of men bound to satan, and the Lord will establish in His time a Government which is Righteous and Just.
You are a people who think of plots of land my children, and limit your God, for He has Promised you to inherit all the earth.

This is what you were born for in this time of tribulation begun, so rejoice in it, as God would not have birthed you here, unless you were meant to come full term to Christ incarnate in serving Him.

The Prophets, the Angels, the Saints have all Witnessed of this time you are in, and longed for it, to see it, for this is what the Bible foretold by the Holy Ghost. You are a peculiar people to be formed for this in God's hand all of this life you have lived. Now begins the Joy of the kingdoms of this world becoming the Kingdoms of Christ.
There will be a fight, there will be anguish, their will be trouble, there will be event upon event. Focus upon Christ and do not listen to satan. You are God's. You will see the Wrath of God unleashed in the coming years. Be Faithful as Elijah in the cave, Jeremiah in the pit and Mary pregnant with the Lord. God will deliver you. It may be with only the life you have, but that life is God's and that life is precious, not the gold of this world.

So notice that things have begun, and notice you have not died and the world did not end my children. Nothing to fear as you have been carried through in Christ another day. Remain in the Lord and be not deceived by the anti Christ when it appears, as so many were of messiah Barack Obama.

The Lord bless you and keep you and make His Light to shine upon you in darkness, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.

Just imagine if the Lame Cherry had disappeared this day, and you did not have the Word of the Lord to explain things to you one more time in your abyss.