Saturday, August 29, 2015

That October Oil Debt


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There is something to be aware of in this global exploration for oil. This is a matter reported, but no one has bothered to ever focus upon the meaning of it. It is though a reality of what is taking place in a mirror image of 1987 in the reset then, but this reset is going to be so much more immense, as no one has ever witnessed this much debt and deflation in prices.

Just look at the link below in there is 1.4 trillion in bonds, that would be debt to drill oil. There is also over 1.6 trillion in loans. Those loans were all set up to be reserviced or refinanced in October of 2015. It is vital to focus upon this and those numbers of 3 trillion in debt, not being serviced, but having an immense payment due.

Video: oil company debt and the oil price | FT Alphaville

Video: oil company debt and the oil ... According to the BIS this figure is comprised of 1.4tn of bonds and over 1.6tn in loans ... (c100bn) is due in 2015 ...

This is a great deal like the CIA importing cocaine into Miami and Mena  Arkansas in the same period of the 1980's for Iran Contra, involving the Bush and Clinton families. Vice President Bush oversaw the Caribbean region and Clinton was governor of Arkansas. They brought in so much coke, to fund off book CIA operations that they had to open a new port out of Canada to bring in even more cocaine, as prices had fallen off so much.

That is what it happening with oil. The Obama regime had Saudi Arabia start pumping oil, under the cover story of breaking Big Frac in America, but the real target was Vladimir Putin who was thought could not survive.
The problem is now that Saudi Arabia and Iran are dumping even more oil on the market, and Russia has weather it without a great deal of problems. The Muslims are intent to break Big Frac, and the reality is that Big Frac is part of this 3 trillion dollars in debt, and as their costs to pump oil are high, they are having to pump more oil, in order to service their investors on Wall Street. The reality being, oil even with the Obama regime driving it about 2.60 a gallon for gas, is not producing enough to pay the piper and the peter who owns the debt.

This is not just Americans. China in the Peking girls are part of this global oil exploration, and their reserves are being vaporized by their Stock Market collapsing. It was sucking up billions of dollars to keep it stable, and when that failed, China deflated their currency, in order to increase trade.

As you notice in this, this is all super heated over production. It is all funded by hundreds of trillions of dollars now in debt. Debt which has to serviced and with cheap production, massive deflation, this is starting a whirlpool of suction which will pull everything down. This is by design and intended. The date for it has been set and it will take place.

What is taking place currently, is China is being looted, just as the globalists stole Russian investment in Cyprus, and as China investment is being backdoor herded into Japanese and American markets, it will be seized as certainly as Russian assets in Cyprus.

It is a point in America that Big Frac can be seized for not paying it's debt or Big Frac can be bankrupted and these same finance houses like Goldman Sachs will pick the entire oil portfolios up for the cartel for pennies on the millions of dollars, exactly as was done in 2008 in Great Obama Crash, which was created in part to install this criminal agent.

There are real reasons behind an economic collapse. The reasons are there to provide cover for a collapse which is being engineered for specific results.

That is a bit of information which no one is speaking about. I look at those morons in North Dakota, drunk with oil money as in 1987 and they never learned a blessed thing. After that bust, that entire region was a ghost town. Now it is filled with a hundred thousand welfare trolls, it is filled with crime, it is filled with new roads which need fixing, there are millions of dollars in new housing, and yes EVER county seat there is building a new court house, as these oil whores are spending money like this will never end.

North Dakota is going to be a reflection of what America and the world is, a great depression.