Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Lame Cherry Business


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to propose something, as I proposed a Conservative E Station, which none of the rich ever donated to....and now everyone from Newsmax to Sarah Palin has inferior clones of my idea and are making money doing it........yes you rich people do not quite get it.

It is no secret in I have had harassment from Facebook like many people have. I have been pondering this and did a little research on it from the Tea Party page. People seem not to like that site as the people booted off of Facebook for being mean, have ended up over there to be abusive.

This is a quote from their donation page:

Approximate Monthly Cost Breakdown:$2,400.00 covers our server bills and security softwares and related costs.
$700.00 covers the various 3rd party softwares we use to run TPC. (such as the social login system)
$800.00 covers having a server administrator on staff/call.
$600.00 covers having a PHP programmer on staff/call.
Total: $4,500.00

I have managed websites and written some HTML code, but that is not the point in this, as I would bring someone in to do it. The "do it" would be for an alternative to Facebook which I think I would name FREEBOOK.

Running the tab would be 60,000 a year, or 120,000 for two years. Let me explain how this would work though as it is how other sites work like Facebook......well ones not NSA funded.

If someone or a group of someones would invest a two year running cost, as it takes a business that much time to generate and create buzz, a site could be put up in SILENT PARTNERS who would risk that capital in exchange for a chance that ad revenues would surpass dividends from stocks.

This FREEBOOK would be managed as follows.

Users could use their real name or non de plume, but would be listed as such.

No data would ever be collected on any user.

As long as it was not criminal, and fit in Standards and Practices from broadcast television, such as no nudity, pedophiles, sodomite gang bangs etc..., people could put up whatever they chose.

No one would ever have their ID taken from them, censored or banned. You would never have someone demanding Birth Certificates, State ID or library cards.

FREEBOOK would be about responsible liberty, meaning each of you is responsible. If you do not like some SOB, then block them. As TL noted, Craigslist pretty much is self governing, and it manages well enough, so each of you can be adult enough to block the trolls.

Yandex from Russia is a search engine and mail service which says it does not collect data. I like the search engine, Duck Duck Go, because they do not track you and state that on their search page. I believe the internet should be free, and people are adult enough to police their communities, and none of you should have your identity, fictional or real taken from you.

I have not thought of add on features, but there are going to have to be ads to pay the bills eventually as donations do not work. I would love to have gun ads, military ads, Christian ads.......ads from pro nationalist companies, but it may have to be GoogleAds to start, as this would not have a billion dollar NSA budget nor 4000 geektards spying on you.
That is all the future, and the main part would be the investment risk to those who could afford it or a group who could afford it.

If you are such a person or a group that would take this chance, then you are going to have to contact the Lame Cherry. I am going to have rules in this, as silent partners in you do not get to manage this, complain about hating the kid who bullied you to ban them, and this investment would be your share of profits for 10 years. If you die, then it is right of survivorship, to the Lame Cherry. I am not going to build this and then have your brat relatives sell out your share to Facebook, and then end up in court leveraged out of this site.

This site would be like Facebook, but without the terrorism, stalking or information gathering.

This thought came to me by the Holy Ghost early this morning and I ran it by TL to see what TL thought. TL thought it could be managed. I would not take a salary nor would TL for this. It would all depend on market revenues for payment. Each person involved though would have expenses first on the site, then operating costs and perhaps expansion to other additions, and then the profits would be returned.

I do not know if this would work, and is why I do not want people who do not have money risking things. I do know though that Alex Jones amassed what looks like 6 million dollars at least in his uttering Bildergberg a dozen times a day. That is  the game of talk radio in sponsors, and from what I remember of an interview of the Byte Show in insiders, they said one advertiser would bring in 100,000 dollars.

This is not about money though starting out. This is about flipping the bird to Facebook, and taking your identities back. You can have media which does not track you, sell you, spy on you and ban you for being a Christian, Conservative, Veteran or whatever. This site is going to be open  to all, and I honestly believe that in the public debate arena, the best ideas prevail and people have rights to hate other people for reason and to say it as much as why they love themselves.

That is the basis of what FREEBOOK would be. Is up to some rich people now to contact, promise the funds, and then we would go from there in a few computer experts are friends of this blog and would probably hire on to manage it.
I would not see a problem with hackers ever, as this is a free program site and FREEBOOK would not be about suppressing the things they care about.

So with that FREEBOOK either is funded to life or it is Facebook locking you all in the concentration camp for in bake ovens.