Tuesday, September 15, 2015


dear LC

you know that i have great respect for your postings. the amount of work is incredible and managing daily life is grinding.

but i think your recent torments from facebook, trolls, home issues and demon influences has taken a toll.

in this case it is your posting on MH370 on 9/15/15 that has me confused. Was MH17 payback to Putin for knowing too much about MH370? Did you misread the message of what happened?

please take this email in the spirit it is intended. it is not an attack upon you or the fantastic work you are doing. but in the ongoing battles i think it is important to state facts as accurate as possible, or even generalizations that are mostly accurate

Bob I took the email as the last one in the spirit intended, as a nitpicking insult.

I was informed today by the clergy that I would not have them as my clergy, unless he administered Communion to me, in a throw down challenge. So I am in no mood.

As you do not have the Holy Ghost working through you, you have no comprehension of what is being posted here. Perhaps if you bothered to read my drooling on my chin and the scribbling of a madman on the wall as I have explained before, that it is designed to keep the cartel from blowing my head off, my heart out with a pulse weapon or ending me up in a dungeon, but perhaps I will be more accurate as my being dead is of no consequence as all of you can handle all of this alone.

None of you have the privilege of speaking in class any more.