Thursday, September 24, 2015

Taking away Mark Zuckerberg's Facade

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Gee I wonder who would have the resources to take the NSA's chief spyware down across the globe?

Whispering to all of you, that a corrupt program would make the Obama hinge pin of the fraud Wall Street markets all start a chain reaction implosion.

The Lame Cherry though congratulates those who sent the message to that perverted creeper Mark Zuckerberg that his day before the Revolutionary Courts are coming. Harass me you pedophile pimp and God has a way of taking away your toys.......and you with that big mortgage there Zuck and that fat China doll ready to birth some black looking Obama baby, as we all know red headed Jews always toss Negroid looking infants..

Oh to remind all, this is Homeland, image Obama, NSA, and the lights still went off. That is the real drama in those that did it can not be touched.

Tick tock.

This is Lame Cherry whispering again..........

2008 Contractors.


Ok clues are over as this is not my problem and is now Zuckerberg's electric venereal disease.