Saturday, September 26, 2015

Obama Winter


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When I think of western North Dakota, I think of George and Libby Custer, along with President Theodore Roosevelt ranching. These people painted a vivid picture of this region in it's starkness, harshness and beautiful splendor.

Western North Dakota was the last place in America to be settled or nested upon by homesteaders. It was last to be electrified in REA and the last place on earth where it was still the way it was in the 1800's. The population was small, and white, with a sprinkling of the Indian nations in the Hidatsa, Ree and Mandan, who were once allied with the Americans against the Sioux terrorists.

My reason for bringing this up, is it has only been this blog which has focused upon this region in the Oil Boom in what has happened there. North Dakota can be thought of three regions really. Fargo which is part of the Minnesota and nuclear SAC command structure at Minot. Bismark which is "North Dakota" politics in that money, and, then there is the west with nothing in it, but Williston stuck up on the Canadian border.
All has been praise of how great all this oil is for America and North Dakota, being Frac'd out of the shale there. The problem is though in what the land of Custer and Roosevelt has been turned into, as it is not American, and it is as filthy as Sacrement in 1849 or the polluted yellow river flowing out of Colorado in a direct EPA terror attack upon America in 2015.

I was in a small world  today, in it is amazing how little and connected the world is. The librarian started talking to me at the library, and as we chatted she mentioned she had just been on a long trip to the state of western North Dakota. I have been in that country and surprised her with the connections I had there and understanding that region.
She mentioned that the entire region had changed from when she grew up there. Her first comment was that she could not go outside at night in all of the heat, as the massive forest fires in Canada and the American west were filling the air there with smoke which smelled of wood fire. On top of this she said, the entire area now had this dirty oil smell, and breathing there was a problem.
Yes you see Drudge stories of Peking smog, but what about the entire western half of North Dakota and the entire eastern half of Montana being so air polluted now, it is like having your head stuck under and engine in the summertime with your car parked over a leaf fire in your yard.

North Dakota politicians are spending money there like crack whores with a found credit card. They first built community centers, are now building all new court houses, and now are pouring money into that bottomless hole of infrastructure in roads.

What is happening though in North Dakota on the oil fields though is a recession. The librarians son lives there, and works for a casing company. So you know what this is, all oil wells have pipe casings for wells. When drilling stops, the companies supplying the drillers have real problems. This company has now cut wages and hours and laid people off.
This is not unique in the oil fields now, as the drilling is done, and it is shifting from those dozen man crews to just 3 men crews tending the wells.

None of these oil vagabonds saved any money. The region is nothing but crime and whoring. Now all these formerly overworked and wealthy employees of the oil fields are all living in their vehicles again.
No one can afford anything like housing, as inflation has priced everything out of normal people's reach.
The librarian literally told her son, "Maybe it is time you put your house on the market and just get out, as North Dakota is not the place you grew up and the jobs there are gone just like in the 1980's when the oil bust struck that area before."

Does any of that sound like anything to be proud of? Would you like to exist in something like that? Yeah Mark Levin sits in his coffee shop scowling over Muslims, but what about North Dakotans who have had their environment polluted, their homes communities crime infested, and now they have a new problem of these homeless trolls with winter coming on.

For those who missed this, when the boom hit North Dakota the first time, there were people in 20 below weather living in hay bale piles like dogs.

All North Dakota is and always has been, was a gleaning operation where Obama's nation rapist, Warren Buffett stole the US railroads on the cheap, just like Soros and him are now buying up all the coal fields which Obama destroyed the economy of.
The rail lands all had oil on them, and those lands were drilled for oil. Wall Street invested in these oil fields, and now they are getting their cut in all of this. THAT IS WHY with crude under 50 dollars, your gasoline has not deflated in price. These robber barons have had Obama set the price of oil illegally to keep their dividends coming in as they directly rob you at the gas pump.

North Dakota was equal to the ignorant Indians selling land for beads, as they literally sold a trillion dollars in oil for pennies, and they are drunk with that money spending it like liberals and not saving it for the hard times ahead.

There is nothing positive about any of this. An entire region has been destroyed and will never be the same morally, politically or economically.

None of this is North Dakota's fault alone. Those wild fires are burning, because the Obama eco terrorists and Big Lumber have stopped clear cutting which is necessary to get rid of all of that fuel grown there in wet years. When dry years come, the forests do what is natural in dry lightning storms start fires, and those fires burn off all that refuse and old trees, so that plants will grow which produce food for animals.
Forest fires are the best nature can provide for animals in burning off the forest. Humans should be clear cutting to stop these fires, so that no one has to breathe that ash. There is a point in this which no one has factored in, and that is just like a nuclear winter from atomic warfare, is America facing an Obama Winter, from all that soot which these massive forest fires have been producing into the skies which will block the sun and cause cooling this winter?
Yes this is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter and you heard it here first and it will probably appear in other media in a few weeks pondering such things to gain more control of your world in another disaster too good to waste.

It has been the complete mismanagement of this Obama regime from growing predators to kill wildlife and pets, to this atrocity of raging forest fires. Those  trees should have been producing cheap American homes and furniture as in years past, but again another monopoly is exploiting Americans in high lumber prices, exactly like Americans are being gouged on oil, and now facing the aspect of an Obama Winter due to all this Obama soot.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.