Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Big Foot

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was looking for predator calling sounds and happened upon the big foot sound page which was not that interesting, except for the 911 call which was listed.
To me the call was funny as this poor man is calling 911 after his security lights had gone off, and he saw something running through his yard, and while he is on the phone, the thing comes back and is looking in at him. The dispatcher is trying to figure out if it is a white human or black human, and the caller is not telling her anything but all black, as he does not want to be judged a loon.
He did relate that his dog was killed earlier and that is the sad part of the story.

I have no doubt that big foots exist, and people have seen them. I just know that they are not what people think they are in monsters or primates.

They are interesting creatures in we actually had one in our location here. People who see them do not lie, but are confused as to what the heck they are dealing with. This one was a small version, had taken up residence in a barn, and like all of these creatures smelled like a human sewer.

There is a problem in the big foot in if they did exist though, that in numbers, one would have been run over by a train or semi, or have been found dead, simply by law of random chance. What I am about to deal with is the reality of this and what is taking place literally.

President Theodore Roosevelt recorded an event of a big foot murdering a trapper in the wilderness, in a story related by the survivor. I do not doubt any of these people as they do not lie about such things.
I will state that in the same Wilderness Hunter, the President had on a hunting trip to Kootenai in Idaho with an Indian guide called Amal, related that Amal was moody and did not want to go into the forests, as he finally told them, "there were bad little people there".
The Indians believed something was in those woods, which obviously did not exist. It was a fact though that Mr. Roosevelt who was a wilderness explorer, related that those old forests made some of the most unearthly sounds that frightened anyone.

I relate that in the legendary story of trappers actually shooting a big foot, and then being attacked by a group of them pounding on the cabin they were in. I do not doubt for a moment the event took place....the problem again is, where is the forensic evidence, besides visual or footprints.
Yes there are hoaxers out there, but even they admit to it eventually, but like UFO's, people are seeing things that exist, but none of it is making any sense, as much as the skinwalkers or thunderbirds.

I am going to bring you to a point now of asking a real question, in we always are told that things of the satanic have different forms, and we are told that they often have stench in physical forms. Is it possible that a big foot is one of these types of forms serving the satanic, which appear through portals and then disappear?

As of late, the big foot craze has been beating on trees and then screaming. Others have noted that killing animals has taken place, and in pulling the guts out, only the liver is removed and the carcass remains untouched.
We can find in the entities of the demonic orb using cattle mutilations and capturing humans for genetic experiments to further what they are projecting. I know there are various forms of these replicants and breeding program and have written of them.The big foots though seem to appear and vanish, in a macabre sort of nightmare.

I do note a pattern in these events, in I have yet to ever witness a Christian Saint having any of these experiences. Meaning these things never go near them. I note a case of a woman seeing a light which entities appeared in her bedroom, and when she asked if it was Jesus, it said, "NOT THIS ONE".

People tend to mock others who have experiences, and yet the experience remains. Most people are not liars, so there is an event people experience, and it is an event, but it is not what they conclude it to be. What these entities are though is a primate manifestation of all that his ghastly of a human without God and moulded by satan. These things are the the ecclesiastical primates of satan.

I do know that the great wilds are filled with elk, nighthawks, owls and deer which make sounds that will scare anyone wide eyed in the night, as most people have no idea what animals sound like. Some of these events are animals, while others are these manifestations from a portal where numbers of ghastly things appear from.

There should be a grand punch line in this, but that is they way it is with the devil. it scares you when you do not know what it is, but once you do know, it is all rather uninteresting.