Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cornish X


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

No this is not about English Porn.

This is about chickens, specifically the super genetic breed called Cornish X. Cornish for the Indian game grown in Cornwall England and crossed by Americans to be as large breasted as a Thanksgiving turkey.

Cornish X are what you buy in the grocery at 2 months of age. It takes most chickens 6 months to get that size, and at almost 3 months they are as big as turkeys literally.

They have a problem though in growing too fast. They are cripples like most of these Ferguson Missouri giants in brain incapacity in all the hormones these children are fed.

Another subject.

In growing so fast they produce great amounts of heat and will crowd and suffocate themselves.

Another reality is they shit like pigs, meaning loose and a great deal of it, as they eat non stop and that his why they grow so super fast and they also die super easy of heart attacks.

Out of 50 chickens we raised, we had by satan around 15 die. One night was really bad as I got up at 3 and they were crowded and then we lost some off and on in just laying on their backs and croaking.

Murray McMurray hatchery says to stop feeding them at 4 in the afternoon to get them to slow down growing. Yeah that is great, but we have had chickens go cannibal in being too hungry and eating each other by morning.

I think if you could raise these in batches of 20 you might get by with most of the good things and less of the bad. They all need high protein 18% chick grower........I supplement in the chicken tractor in they eat insects which are pure protein.

The reason for the hassle of all of this is you get these huge chickens fast. I had some laying Wyandottes and those birds are 1/3rd the size of the Cornish X in being normal.

Oh and get the cockerels as hens eat just as much, so spend the extra and get the big birds in the end. No straight runs period.

This is the reality. You know those plastic laundry storage containers? Ok, the big ones about 3 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet? OK, so we butchered 6 of these chickens and cut up, they filled one of these containers.

What I am saying is, pound for pound, these chickens produce more meat than a deer doe, several sheep or a hog. 50 of these chickens produce a big meat pile, so much so that you will be stunned at the size of these breasts.

Now for the extras. Elvira sold us an old chicken plucker. The motor switch was bad so I put another old motor on it that barely runs. It picks after you scald the chickens in boiling water to loosen the feathers like a dream.
Mom paid 150 bucks for that thing 10 years ago and it is worth 500 in how fast it goes. So start looking for a chicken picker or else pick them by hand.

I use rubber surgical gloves too. All things stink and it is just more hygienic too.

For killing, just hang some twine on something solid like a clothesline pole or tree, wear something you do not care about blood getting on it, as this is bloody. Get a sharp butcher knife, grab the head, pull slightly and cut it off.........look you are not going to get this right in between the bones in the neck, so it will take some time for it........just a fact of life.
Then get the hell back or you will get a blood bath.

Butchering, requires several sharp knives. I get the feet off, then I take the legs and wings off, then cut the slit in the neck to get the crop loose, cut the abdomen to get the guts out, break the back, pull the heart and lungs out, then the guts, then slice on each side of the pelvis and off goes the tail in the lower intestine, and with that you cut the back off, then up the  rib cage to break away the breast, and half the beast at the wishbone.

Throw them in plastic containers with cold water in the shade to keep the flies off, to let them cool, and bleed out fully, and you got the best and safest eating chicken in the world.

You can singe the hair off before butchering, and you can also end up picking off things before packaging like pin feathers and whatever.

I can and do get as many meals out of a chicken as I can. I like eating meat, so the dark meat I usually bake. The white meat can go into stir fry to stretch it out, and the ribs and neck, I always throw into chicken soup......the bones are full of protein and all that fat makes flavors for noodles that goes a very long way.

One chicken should make over 20 meals. That is a great deal of economy even with expensive chicken feed.....can be cheaper if you have your own grain.

As TL said in the one we just ate, this was the best tasting chicken TL ever has eaten. You can not believe how good meat tastes if it is you raising it, butchering it and PROPERLY COOLING that meat and getting that blood out.
That is the secret in this to farm fresh. Cooling the meat and getting the blood out.

I leave this at that, in your chicken lesson. I dislike the dark feather birds as the plymouth rocks are strong flavored. These birds you are used to eating and know somewhat they are supposed to taste like. Growing them is a bit of a chore in they misbehave, but the rewards are worth it IF YOU PAY ATTENTION in having them like babies you are checking on instead of looking at internet porn.

That is the million dollar chicken knowledge.

Nuff said.