Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Promised Land and Fairlife Dairies


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Stephanie wrote today a nice letter and the few times she has contacted us, I can see why Richard thinks the world of her, as she is intelligent, strong and everything the best wife in Proverbs is noted to be.

I state this as she brought up a problem which is a reality, in people are filled with revulsion by what these Obama conglomerate dairies are inflicting upon cows and calves, so what can we do about it.

Stephanie mentioned two dairies which claim to be good managers for their cows in Promised Land and Fairlife, but also noted that satan can quote the Bible too and Bible verses appear on the worst of Obama companies cloaking their rapine in God.

Both of these dairies make claims they are not livestock abusers. Promised Land operates on 1100 acres, in a sort of petting zoo, visitor center and ice cream parlor. I tried looking them up on Google earth to spy on them, but my internet is slow again, but that is something I would suggest to all. Find your dairy, find their exact location and the spy on them.
You will be able to see their set up and judge for yourself if there are any pastures the cows are running around in, as the cows will show up.

Dairies smell and that is a reality. Cows have scent, their grain diets smell like sour mash, milk smells, and that manure has to be stored in a slurry pit, which means wet manure that is then vented and pumped out for crops in fertilizer, and that produces methane.

I could not find how large the Promised Land dairy was, as that would reveal what their land use requirements would be. I do know that Floresville Texas is rural enough, and that Texas can run larger numbers of cattle on smaller acres of land than ranches in Montana, as grass grows along with crops in longer seasons there, but it comes down to it, that they do admit to using GMO crops to feed their cattle, and that makes me conclude they probably are managing a number of cows, in the 'dry' cows or cows yet to calve and are not milking, are out grazing, and the milking cows are confined in a feedlot to deal with hot Texas temperatures, feeding them, getting them to a milking parlor and milked twice to three times a day.

The gotcha in this would be speaking to a sales barn and finding out how many cattle from Promised Land are coming through their doors, as that would reveal if abuse is taking place, as much as a Google snap of their milking operation which has to be huge barns containing these animals in a more humane way, than leaving them in stanchions all day.

As for Fairlife, their system is different. They are not a dairy, but a milk plant or processing center. Their farmers are pictured, and in this it is a matter of what kind of farms each of these farmers are running. Farmers can be just as evil or good as anyone. They could be burning cows out too and hiring Mexicans by the truck load too. It just comes down to a view of the farms and if they would answer the facts of their herd turnover.

I do not want to leave this unsaid. In school, many of my friends were dairy children. Most of them had their cows in stalls on cement in not letting them out, until they were dried up to calve. They were clean and well taken care of. Milking is a bitch as heat perspires water from a cow meaning less milk and cold burns energy in the cow that does not go into milk. That is why cattle are confined to keep production stable.
It is also easier than chasing cows around who have personalities, and their udders are covered with manure from being let loose to feed.
My friends cattle would last a normal cow's life in they were not burned out on GMO rations.

I do not expect people to become investigators, but there are signs in people who hire Mexicans are not paying wages in which others are willing to do the work. If an operation has hundreds and thousands of cows, that is an automated operation like mass production. The  cows are not going to be patted and known. They will instead be run on assembly line and are parts instead of animals.

Promised Land Dairy | Introducing Salted Caramel Latte

Jersey cow dairy that is also a local tourist attraction and restaurant. Features gift shop, products, location, news, and tour.

Promised Land can spend the money in it has extended income. 1100 acres though is almost 2 sections of land, and you could put your dairy on one end and the people eats section on the other. Unless Promised Land is buying fodder for their cattle, the maximum number of cows they could manage would be anywhere from 500 to 1000 cows.

Our Farms | Fairlife

our FARMERS & our PROMISE. We are dairy farmers who believe in better ®. Co-founder Mike McCloskey has been a pioneer in the dairy farming industry, working for over ...

Fairlife is in Fair Oaks Indiana. Their site features silage cutters. That means the cows are getting fodder not pure corn to ruin their systems, but greens too. It would be more difficult to track their sub contractor farmers, but the red flag is "they train their employees to treat cattle humanely". That sounds like Mexicans, but as a balance in this, the photos they post, these are the typical former Midwest dairies of lounge barns with curtains to keep the cows comfortable.
This is a Holstein cow operation and not Jerseys.

Both of these operations appear to be recent dairies, Promised Land is 1987. They are corporates, but that is part of their marketing in making people pay more for humane treatment of cattle, which is what every operation should be.
The one photo I found off site for Promised land has the Jersey's mass fed, in confinement, clean, and the cows look "older" meaning over 3 year olds in not being burned out. That is just one photo though.
That 4607 tag probably means this is cow four thousands and seven in a series which could mean they roll over numbers in the first 3000 are dead. I just do not have enough information.

The Jerseys look sad and the Holstein's look angry.

I see both positives and negatives in both of these operations, which are better than the torture facilities I wrote about. Fairlife at least shows part of the operation in a cow in the barn with shit on the walls and large piles of silage. Promised Land says it does not give tours as it is expanding operations, meaning more cows in the space they have. I did note that the only pictures of cattle in pasture were heifers, and not milk cows. Heifers are young females not yet calved. If this is their grazing, their cows are not seeing daylight.

That I am sorry is the best review I can give in what I see. Google earth would help, but it comes down to information that these dairies if guilty of things would never let out, and if legitimate would answer, as it all comes down to herd turnover and numbers of injured animals per month in broken bones.