Friday, September 11, 2015

Dirty Little Indians

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is written with the SPEW WARNING as of late it has become evident that people reading this blog burst out laughing and splatter beverages all over their nativity. Perhaps bibs might be appropriate or the wearing of face shields with towels on the lap to catch copious amounts of saliva based beverages.

I noticed the other day that Bobby Jindahl threw down as 3rd world Indians do, in nattering something about Donald Trump being a madman and that Trump's hair looked like he had a squirrel on his head. Apparently in Indian christianity this is enough to make the Ganges run dry and Indians just go off and die in being so America this is what happens.

Have you ever seen Bobby Jindahl? The man looks like he either bathes once a year in that dirty river Ganges or he never has bathed in his life. The man looks like Pig Pen's brother, Haji Pen from India. He looks like he is not just a stranger to soap, but that soap is something he is unaware of.

Personally I have a theory on this, that Bobby Jindahl is really a white man, but he keeps dropping the soap in the bath, but if he ever did get some soap on him, he would look like that character from Star Trek in being black on one side of his face and white on the other.


They both looked kind of faggot too like Indians and well like Bobby Jindahl.

I mean what is it with that Bobby shit. Bobby is for pins, little boys and girls......not men. No nicknames should be involved that have fag appeal, names like Cooter, Bubba, Vacuum Cocker and Cheetos.

Then there is Jindal in the Ben Carson attacks on Donald Trump's Christian Faith. Yes let us attack Donald Trump the White man, as there are not enough Christians being murdered around the globe by dark skinned peoples...........yes Jindal has no problem in his native India in the Hindu's butchering Christians, but Donald Trump being a constant Good Samaritan in helping people in need........while Carson is using dead baby parts which are too good to waste and Jindal is picking up rocks to stone all those he deems not Pharisee enough, is the kind of religion we all want ruling America.......Shariah Law......Jindal Law.

Look I like Bobby least what his politics are most of the time, but as Jesus said, A house divided against itself can not stand...........odd is it not that Jindal, Carson and the other serpents crawling up the American apple tree, that they never have a problem with Jeb Bush in anything Bush says.........then again Carson is a 7th Day Adventist cultist and Jindal and Bush are both Vatican Catholics......same as Jesuit ordained Birther Hussein Obama.
You know the same Pater Pope who loves sodomy, says Jesus is unnecessary for getting into Heaven, hates America, loves global warming and has the entire Conservative Cardinals up in revolution against him. Never mind though, as Trump is the bad guy in the room, and Bobby Jindal says so...........I do wonder though how much Jindal would weigh if he washed the dirt off.

If Bobby Jindal though ever does bathe, I demand the EPA issue a toxic warning to the local septic systems, as you remember that yellow trail out of Colorado poisoning of rivers, the same black sludge is going to come oozing off of Jindal like an oil spill.
We can not afford to have baby birds all covered with Jindal sludge and only satan knows what is living in that toxic content......perhaps some pandemic. So I say, get the EPA there with the Hazmat suits, collect all that Bobby Jindal bath water, and place skull and bones on it with like XXXXXXXXX that many X's and haul it off to a military bio weapons lab, under full guard as you know all them Obama ISIS terrorists the image let in, are going to try and hijack that new WMD from certain Putin will protest this too, but jeez Vlad you got to cut us a break on some things, as who the hell knew that Bobby Jindal would never take a bath...........I mean the old excuse of "Oh I am Indian" that is my skin color gets a bit strange when you see that Jindal's skin color changes like Obama and Muchelle's does depending on audience



I mean do not get me wrong, some women like that. Apparently Indian women go spread eagle for that stuff as Jindal got a hot wife with crotch shot photos to help his election....she likes unbathed white men masquerading as darkies.....some women though like Muchelle Obama do not like stinky Barack, although she gets along with dead Barack's non stinky replacement well enough in the she just smells like Val-erie Jarret's snatch and who doesn't like good fish perfume.

So anyway, when you are a product of the 3rd world, trying to pick a fight with a real American by saying "You have a squirrel on your head", just gets lost on the translation, as Jindal like Jeb must be lost in the translation.....probably sound better in Mexican....

Usted tiene una ardilla en la cabeza.

See Bobby would have really rocked with that one and everyone would have known Donald Trump was taken out with that ziner, as CABEZA does it every time.

This should just about finish the already burnt in the complexion Bobby Jindal's political career. Donald Trump is probably too nice to kick the Indian, but I am not, as those bloody damn wogs just need to be shouted at in English loudly to get them to pick up the paddy and stop destroying all the tiger and elephant habitat.......odd about that is it not, in African blacks always catch hell for Cecil and Tusker, but Indians put them on the grill in ploughing up the forest, and no one ever says a word.....or maybe they do, but Indians got so much filth on them that they can't hear........can grow corn in their ears with all that dirt though.

Maybe like Jeb Bush, we have found a job for Bobby Jindal, in Donald Trump can sow him down to lettuce and potatoes to feed the hungry in a Trump Presidency, in all that dirt going to waste is a terrible thing. I say let's embark upon "Plant an Indian today" policy and who cares if a California drought is on or that Mexicans are shitting on the spinach, as we got Bobby Jindal sowed down to as a moveable garden plot.

I billion Indians as a lettuce patch.......just keep the elephants away so they do not eat them, and that could solve world hunger.

Look if Bobby Jindal is not going to bathe, is going to stone Christians not Catholic, and photographs his wife's twat for votes, there must be some good use to balance all of this out, and why not farm Bobby Jindal..............Michelle Obama did that toxic dump at the White House and no one died, I am sure no one will die from eating Jindal tater either. Got plenty of Mexicans to try it out a win win and a use for the useless Jebcaver Bobby Jindal.

Some advice Bobby Jindal, take a bath, and start with your Christian hating mind first and your toxic tongue second............warn me first though as I want to buy some soap stock as there is will be shortage when you are done.