Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dr. Carson and Mr. Hyde

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are those who will probably need a refresher on the classic horror tale of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, as it is important in portraying the human psyche of a sane person, being transformed into a lunatic by a phase of the moon.
There is an actual scientific fact backing this up, that some animals and people due to the pull of lunar gravity are affected by this, and with a full moon begin acting a bit more unbalanced if they already are close to the edge.

What this has to do with presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, is a review which  TL found of the "Dreams of Carson" manifesto which the doctor wrote. In it, the books have some bordering on troubling admissions, which Carson seems unaware of he is manifesting in psychosis.

Ben Carson actually is a trained psychologist as the workings of the brain fascinated him. While he is not a Forensic Psychological expert, he is allured by this reality as he does have a part of his persona which enjoys manipulating others.

Carson is in one psychosis is an eye stalker. Over and over again in his writings, he takes women apart and describes them as a type of Harlequin romance sex object. He obsesses with the way a woman moves, that once you are aware he does this without knowing, it is creepy.

What the focus though of Dr. Carson and Mr. Hyde is, is a story which Ben Carson relates which is troubling as this is the person Ben Carson is inside.

The story begins with Carson lusting after a "Grace Jones" type woman that he really desires as his secretary. Personally I see nothing in Mad Max which was alluring, but Ben Carson finds an attraction to Amazon type shemales who look part reptilian panther.
The problem for Carson is that he already has a secretary who is an alcoholic who does not perform her duties. The further problem for Carson is that he is not a strong enough male to fire this woman, or apparently seek clinical help for her.

So Carson turns to God for His removal of this undesirable.

Remember now, we are  talking about a human female and not a bug in the rug.

To this, Carson appears at work the next day after his after dark prayer, and the woman is gone. She does not show up for work. In fact, someone goes to her home, and no one answers the door.......the woman just vanished.

Carson is quite pleased with God and his prayer, as the problem is done away with and now he can have a reptilian cat woman freak as his new secretary.

I will bring up the point, that Ben Carson seems to have absolutely no remorse in this, or it occurs to him, that this is a troubled woman, a human, a person, who has disappeared, and there is no worry or concern in whatever happened to this woman.

I desire now to bring you to a reality, a real forensic psychological reality, as would be practiced by the FBI, MI5 or the typical investigative law enforcement. If the authorities were informed that a woman disappeared, that her employer wanted her gone, and she disappears, and that employer's story is, "Oh yes, I prayed to God and this woman disappeared.........", the authorities would be hauling this employer down for 24 hours of questioning while gaining search warrants to see if blood splatter or other forensic evidence was present, for this missing body.

I am not saying that Ben Carson harmed his secretary, what I am relating is, as a forensic psychologist, knowing that Ben Carson has a history of rage, he prefers knives for intimate contact in violence in he used one against another person and used his hands to attack his mother, that someone saying they prayed a woman would disappear and she did, and the authorities are not contacted, could just as readily be concluded that Ben Carson experienced a psychotic episode and transformed from Dr. Carson to Mr. Hyde, and conveniently removed his problem.
His moral mind, the perhaps member of the Skull and Bones brainwashing fraternity from college, would explain such an event as a miracle of God delivering Ben from a problem, the authorities would instead be looking for another miracle in finding the disposed of body for Carson's prosecution.

America already experience a delusional Designer Negro who likened hisself to a messiah. America now has before it another Afroid who has a philosophy of "use aborted babies as they are dead any way", who does not have a problem with his 'god' disposing of a woman who needed clinical help, as long as Grace Jones gets to slide around Ben's desk.

There is already a dead body with Jeb Bush and Terri Schiavo, now there is Ben Carson's missing employee who he is delighted his 'god' made disappear, instead of as Christ would in delivering her from sin.

Any Ben Carson scenario in this is troubling as to what kind of individual is lurking around under his skin. Ben Carson knows how to push all the right buttons on his target audience. I doubt that God was manipulated or rewarding in vanishing a woman with psychological problems. At the very least, Ben Carson's telepathic vibrations affected this woman on the edge and pushed her over, at the most, there is a homicide in this. In both cases, Ben Carson assaulted a woman and blamed God for it, and was quite pleased with the outcome.