Saturday, September 26, 2015

Father of the Jewish Atomic Bomb


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In the shadowy mystery of the illusion of the invincible minds of the Jewish state, there is a mystery which has never been revealed in their nuclear arsenal.......for the simple reason the Jewish press was never going to betray the illusion of it was their bomb, when in reality the Jewish radioactive material was American manufactured and was the direct result of transfer of President Lyndon Johnson and CIA Director Richard Helms.

Under the auspices of NUMEC the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation the transfers began under it's president, Jewish, Zalman Shapiro. Helms alerted the FBI about Shapiro in the CIA had information on activities the FBI would have to investigate, being this was a domestic issue. The FBI discovered that Shapiro was meeting with Avraham Hermoni, who was Director of Nuclear Weapons Development for the Israeli Defense Forces, and that Mossads covert operative, Rafi Eitan, had been invited to NUMEC by Shapiro.
Eitan did such an effective job, that he later controlled US operations espionage, and one of his best assets was Jonathan Pollard.

The reality is, Eitan, Hermoni or Shapiro were not smuggling out uranium 235 in brief cases, but that the amounts required and missing from NUMEC's stores were transfers from the Johnson Administration with full cooperation from select operatives inside the CIA.

Lyndon Johnson was a supporter of the Jewish state, and the reality is in global checks, a nuclear armed Israeli state, against the Soviet surround of Muslim states, was a part of MAD, or mutually assured destruction which was Johnson policy.

All of this became possible with the neutralization of John F. Kennedy. Director Helms moved up through the ranks in the following years to his appointment in 1967.

The following year Johnson promoted Helms to become head of the CIA. He was the first director of the organization to have worked his way up from the ranks. His standing with Johnson improved when he successfully predicted a quick victory for Israel during the Six Day War in June, 1967

When the information was gathered by the CIA that it was American nuclear material in the Israeli state, discovered during the Nixon Presidency, it would be Directors, Helms, Colby and Bush, yes HW Bush who would withhold from the FBI the key informational structure, citing it was their methods and sources who would be at risk if the information was known.
Literally, 761 pounds of enriched uranium disappeared from NUMEC, a company Shapiro founded in 1957, and was literally an Israeli government operation from the  beginning.
The evidence came from NUMEC staff who witnessed the following:

Zalman Shapiro and other NUMEC officials stuffing HEU canisters into irradiators sealed and rushed to Israel (FBI PDF)

It is a bizarre situation that Robert Oppenheimer, the father of America's atomic weapon was the person who provided the Soviets with the nuclear plans as a balance of power, that the Rosenbergs who were later convicted and executed were part of this Soviet operation to gain a nuclear arsenal.

The history of the Israeli nuclear bomb though was the second operation in America providing a balance of power, this time associated with the America government, and the reception was not Jewish communists, but Jewish socialists in the Israeli state.

Anyone can build a nuclear arsenal when that arsenal is provided nuclear material. The Pakistani Muslim bomb of Dr. Kahn, was Clinton administration assisted, due to a Soviet balance of power in selling nuclear warheads to Iraq and Iran. Iraq received a warhead too large for the Scud missiles Saddam Hussein had, and the Iranians, received an assortment of warheads, but no delivery methods.
To this the Pakistanis were allowed to build a Saudi funded bomb, in another balance of power, which is becoming more unbalanced as the Obama regime is allowing the Iranian Islamocommunists to not only keep their miniaturized nuclear Shahab arsenal, but cover for the research of the hydrogen bomb project in Iran.

Doomsday devices only are effective if one power has them. When all have them they become dooms day.