Friday, September 25, 2015

No American is shedding a tear for you John Boehner.


no tears for America being sodomized and murdered though

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Before we left the metro, TL and I visited her Grammy's car dealer to try and get them to take TL's car off our hands. We spent an hour with those guys, who lied to us, told us the old fud had cancer, and his great beaming statement was, "You know I have the Cardinal praying for me."

I just nodded, as I was hoping this car dealer was not working for satan, but he was. He was though the low point of all Catholics, in thinking some frock wearer with red socks or if it was the Bishop, I do not give a rat's ass, as we were lied to, our time was wasted and I thought afterwards, "Yeah you probably got cancer for screwing over every person you ever met."

I state that on the day Speaker of the House, John Boehner was forced out from the GOP House, for being the most detested GOP elite and the most loathed Speaker in decades.
The last two Republican Speakers were liberals who hated the GOP base, and did everything they could to inflict upon the American people, and serve apostates like Obama.

That is what floors me in all of this, as the Washington Post, memorialized John Boehner's last moments in the House, and propagandist Robert Costa recorded the uncomfortable event.
It was Boehner balling again, and epitomizing his absolute disconnect with Americans, as his great moment was focused upon meeting the False Prophet, Pater Pope, Francis of the Jesuits. It was not a moment in meeting Ronald Reagan, Benjamin Netanyahu or someone of renown. No for John Boehner, the golf partner of the anti Messiah Obama, and apparent swimming partner of the worm in the bottom of a bottle of tequila, his moment in history was meeting one of the worst apostates in history.

Like the crooked car dealer, Boehner was just in orgasm, as the Pater Pope had asked Boehner to "pray for him".

I really do not know what kind of prayers one offers up for False Prophets, or what a drunken crier Vatican boy like Boehner would pray for as he has no problems with hanging around demons and Obama's who blaspheme the name of Jesus, but the reports are that Boehner decided to get out of Dodge, after his morning prayers.
I do not know if Catholics actually pray or if it is Rosary Beads and chants of Hail Mary, full of womb, pray for us winners, in our hours of greed.

It has been pedophile Dennis Hastert and this pope boy John Boehner who have done more to destroy the Republican brand in the modern era, since HW Bush decided to trash Ronald Reagan, and Jeb Bush told all of us we had to be more like Obama in 2008, and Jeb could win the GOP nomination by hating the Republican base and loving on sodomites.

I know things, as I heard things from braggarts on Kevin Yoder's staff, a Kansas City pervert in the GOP who went swimming naked in the Sea of Galilee with women awhile back, in how the entire GOP hierarchy detests the Tea Party and Conservative with venom. You may think your Republican representative loves you, but most of them hate you........and for the Democrats, your leaders hate your asses just as much.

The only thing that is important in any of this is that unlike the Democrats, the Republican base rose up and threw their damned traitor out. Democrats still are propping up image Obama, and the best they can do is freak on Bernie Sanders, another old fag Jew communist who hates America worse than Clinton or image Obama.

The new buzz is that Mitch McConnell is next on the agenda in the Senate, but I am more focused on "when you get drunk on cheap booze, your throwing the puke out at 3 AM still leaves the same shit at 8 AM to cause the same problems".
If I need to translate, throwing out this traitor Boehner and replacing him with Kevin McCarthy who caused all this treachery or any of these other frauds, is like throwing out McConnell, and what shit do you replace that puke with?

John Thune? He has been part of all of this treachery. John Cornyn? That asshole is the one who gave Carly Fiorina all that campaign cash, and cut off all the Tea Party Republicans to die, so Obama could keep the Senate in his reign of terror. John Barrasso a Pennsylvania transplant to Wyoming a Democratic Governor appointed.........who was pro baby butcher back in the day?

Of course the only two candidates to lead the GOP are not even mentioned, that would be Jeff Sessions of Alabama in the Senate and Mark Meadows of North Carolina, in the man who threw down on Boehner and kicked his ass out of the Speaker's chair.

The reality in all of this is, the same political assassins who hate each of you, who have been getting the Obama press to trash Donald Trump, are still lurking around trying to install Jeb Bush in his troika of limp wrist Ben Carson who writes books for Common Core and horse face Carly Fiorina whose old man came up with Common Core, and Jeb Bush advocating the mind rape of American children.

It is a good day when a deluded drunken traitor like John Boehner is booted out from the GOP, as he can not see the devil when he is playing golf with it or praying for it.

 Yeah I am for rubbing this in on Boehner, and I am for making it known, that when Revolutionary People's Courts come to be, that John Boehner will be hauled in front of those Judges and Juries to face the fate of all traitors to America.
I want these sons of bitches to figure this out to their ovaries and nutsacks, that this ain't over until Americans get their pounds of flesh in legitimate People's Courts of Robes Pierre origins.

As Wyatt Earp said, "Run you curs, because hell is coming!"

It is John Boehner's fault this Pater Pope was in the People's House as a tool of the devil. He bears the sin and the responsibility. He offered up the American corpse to the whore for sacrifice to the beast.

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No American is shedding a tear for you John Boehner.