Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lame Cherry makes Boehner go Insane


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There was this fool in California who looked like he existed under his bed, who decided I had to spoon feed his intellectualessness as I was too arcane for his over egoed mind, so he came into my Facebook page to pick a fight which I would not be baited into, one evening as kicking around a woman was something that was in him, as he kept calling me a guy.

Bed fuzz had been mining for data in looking at this blog's hits, and decided this was something he thought he had an understanding of, and was offering advice in this blog need to be read more.

Now wait for the punchline in this as it is delicious. Do you remember a day ago when the Lame Cherry correctly laid the blame in bawl baby boehner about inviting the False Prophet into the People's House?

Boehner unloads on GOP's 'false prophets'...

Yes my children, this is who reads the Lame Cherry, and drives them so berzerk they blurt out things in the press, and perhaps the none bed fuzz of you will realize again how dangerous it is what this blog exposes itself to in the irate enemies it creates, all so you can sit in your luxury and pretend you are patriots are intellectuals who think they can comprehend what goes on here.

The elite read this blog and then can not help but repeat what goes on here.

"The Bible says beware of false prophets. And there are people out there spreading noise about how much can get done," Boehner said.

By God's Grace, I drove the Speaker of the House insane today........what the blessed nothing did you do but shit in the bowl.


Now they have taken to freezing this browser. Always so interesting being the popular girl.

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