Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Meet the Real 3rd Party Conspiracy


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What I am about to reveal here is a Cherrystone File, so deep that none of you have figured this out, and if I had not set off a tripwire in Republicide: Death by Jeb Bush, I would have been too distracted in the wire to notice what was taking place.

On the evening of September 22nd, I was playing the Prophetic keyboard, and not paying a  great deal of attention, except in laying out the reality of how the GOP was going to steal the primary from Donald Trump. I did not think what I was Inspired to write was such grande news as I had reported on some of this previously, but all hell broke loose here.
On our internet connection, both TL's and my computer went to a crawl. Email, a Word type program and Blogger just froze. Blogger was interesting in I managed to post the title of Republicide, but everything else froze again as I tried posting 3 different times....shut down browsers, the whole works and nothing would solve it........well Inspiration did and I am not going to say how I outwitted the comptards, but it was fun, and I learned something.

As I was scowling over all of this and saying things, I was trying to figure out what in the hell I had written which would have caused  the spiders to react like that. Since Donald Trump rose to the top, it has been easier, except of the evil of Mark Zuckerberg in dealing with things. Yes I have company, but without that damn spyware keylogging everything  we did, things were functioning almost normal......or at least not at a snail's pace.

That is when I decided to start listening and a story arose which should surprise you, as it involved Herman Cain. He would be the Pillsbury CEO out of Minnesota who was birthed in Georgia, tried to be President and got caught nailing the sexcratary and that ended things..........sort of.

If you bother to look through Herman Cain's bio, interesting things start popping out. Like in 1971, Cain graduated with a Master of Computer Science from Purdue, while working for the United States Navy.

Computer science was not exactly a job then, as your laptop now has more ability than most of what NASA was using to send to the moon in that complex of computers. I will translate this in, in most cases like Bob Woodward who nailed Richard Nixon, you see the Navy pop up, like George Noury, you are talking Naval Intelligence or their branch which is better than the CIA.

When I reviewed Cain's history in being hired at Pillsbury, which is one of the intelligence playgrounds of America in Minnesota, I see him somehow getting to be on the Federal Reserve of Kansas City, and that means insider.........and little black boys from Georgia, just do not appear magically in Minnesota and Purdue, graduating with odd degrees in computer sciences while working for the Navy, unless you are a recruit.........just like no one who is at the Fed is not a minder of the cartel.

Some will ask, how this can be, as Cain is uber Conservative, now a media mic, professing all things right wing.............and if you recall, his right wing idea is Dr. Ben Carson, of Common Core, a sexual deviant in eye stalking women, he likes cutting up babies to not let them go to waste, and if you noticed he was the chosen Negro to take on Donald Trump in being promoted by Big Koch on the Limbaugh program.

Carson is not right wing. Carson is another covering up what he is with Jesus to con idiots again in this operation to get you to think he is a Christian like you.

I noticed something in listening to Ben Carson also.....you have to hear him, and not watch him. In the Second GOP debate, when he was targeting BLACK LISTENERS, Carson spoke in a distinct Louis Farrakhan accent. A few days later on a national network, Carson was speaking like a white man in cadence in speaking to a white audience in tossing Muslims to the streets in not trusting them to be in the White House.
Never mind the message, as this is what intelligence assets Hillary Clinton and image Obama constantly do. They speak to the crowd they are conditioning, and that is all part of Mockingbird protocols.

This though is about Herman Cain, as Carson is Cain's Mr. Bojangles doing the dance. In Cain's manifesto we find all sorts of things taking place. Cain loathes George W. Bush.........Cain is the one Super Pac funding Ben Carson.....and the cover like Cruz are these mysterious million man donors who donate average sums for huge sums of money gathering.
Then comes the key ingredient in this, as when Obama stole the 2012 election, Herman Cain came out demanding that a 3rd Party form as the GOP was not representing him any more.

I will explain this, in you recall that Donald Trump kept being accused of running 3rd Party when he had no intention of doing this. That looks like an intelligence weave of changing the focal point, when that is your mission all along, and Herman Cain's mission is to start a 3rd Party.
From Inquiry, Cain is lock step with Jeb Bush. That is the intelligence operation of a mole. It was the Bush Cain people who were putting the brakes on this blog in why it slowed up so much, in it was the weave of information which I was posting, exposing their coming plans to steal the primary from Donald Trump.

There are certainties in this. The cartel does not want Donald Trump in the White House. The cartel wants Jeb Bush in the White House or Hillary Clinton. I conclude that something none of you have factored in, what happens like Ross Perot, if it is not Donald Trump who takes the game and goes home, but what if a blackist like Ben Carson who likes Rev. Al Sharpton, announces he is taking his black set home and running 3rd Party, as that is what Cain fully intended from the start.

I ask you to recall that at CPAC, it was both Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck as minders who tried to partition the GOP into a 3rd Party, but it did not resonate. What happens if a Ben Carson, appears in 3rd  Party, spouting Obama racism.....he appeared at Ferguson Missouri on 9 11 and not New York remember, and he siphons off the black vote?

Figure this out, the New York Times as reported here, has the GOP looking to cull the massive field in order for Jeb to steal this with e vote flipping as Obama and Rove did. Four was their magic number.......those four are Bush, Carson, Fiorina and Trump. Bush is financier CIA, Carson is Cain's Naval CIA, Fiorina is industrial CIA, and then there is Donald Trump.
What we have is in the GOP the ultimate faction infighting and it appears in this Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, that Jeb Bush, like every Bush who ever existed, is so caught up in their intelligence, that they never see the damned 9 11 or Iraq implosion being plotted against them by other factions.

I give you a real scenario, a Herman Cain Naval Intelligence scenario, of what if Ben Carson calls racism and his partner in this calls sexism.........oh yes Carly Fiorina, and they join to form a Black revolutionary feminist 3rd party?
That guts the Democrats and Jeb Bush is the candidate no one wants, in his numbers are ZERO in he could not flip 60 million votes to win after he has the primary stolen for him. That gives you this:

Ben Carson with 98% black step voters for Obama at 11 million votes.

Carly Fiorina gives you a skirt vote from both the DNC and RNC of 30 million votes.

Donald Trump is off admiring his handsome self, his gorgeous wife, his pretty children and making another 10 billion as he sticks it to Jeb Bush for being an election fraud.

That gives the Democrat 29 million votes.

That gives Jeb Bush a magic e vote fraud 40 million votes.........more likely 25 million as the Riera machines would melt down.

That gives Carson Fiorina or Fiorina Carson, 41 million votes, and Minstrel Master Herman Cain two massively arrogant puppets to lead around as they are the easiest kind.........Naval Intelligence likes those types as John McCain was the perfect putz brain for them to exploit.

This is your real 3rd Party conspiracy and it is being played out before your very eyes. Someone very powerful has been promoting Carson and Fiorina, using Jeb Bush's intelligence operational sub group as a cover. Jebus thinks he is in control, but it appears he is being set up as another strawman. This is not as long shot as it appears, and I am certain I have company which is screwing around in the fringes in an intelligence operation as Donald Trump had pretty good cover before this Republicide exposed someone did not want what I was featuring in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is quite brilliant. It is almost as gifted an operation as a little old fat bald man, back in the day who used to get the Soviets to murder their own people, and when he left this world, his family was standing by a casket the CIA said was their husband and father, and the dead guy was not the cover opts master.......autopsy did not match either on the appendix scar...........

I do not suppose this information is going to be welcome either to those monitoring this blog. It is not that I have a thing against Naval Intelligence......actually the world would function better if the Navy did run it, it is just I do not like manipulation and operations eating my bandwidth, as I have had enough of that with the Obama regime in making me suffer in doing this job for the Lord.

It is though another Lame Cherry exclusive.......looks like the spiders are aghast as I type this on September 23rd, in the Bush folks are reeling at being played and the players are wondering how they are going to pretend this is not going on.

As I have posted again and again. Just donate the big donation, and I will be off being a busy beaver building a lake literally on our property, petting critters and weeding as that is what I like doing.....most likely stay with the God stuff  as I am working on the eternal rewards program.

For now, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am certain of many things, and when I see Herman Cain's "past" in photos have been scrubbed from the internet and are closely guarded that is what intelligence looks like mopping up things, projecting an image, so that you do not ever see the real person.
No one else has been able to do this......Herman Cain the puppet minstrel. His operation is one of the many to watch.

Nuff said.