Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Obamacare rationed Death ObamaSave Rationed Debt


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Someone on Facebook mentioned they were waiting to see what this blog would post in what to do about ObamaSave confiscating all of your savings. As most people are too lazy to click links and it will be necessary to educate the public in repitition, as synopsis of ObamaSave will be helpful

  • ObamaSave will like Obamacare make it too complicated and expensive for investment brokers to not be fined or jailed, forcing them out, so there will be a One Player system, of the regime. They did the same thing with raising firearm dealer's licenses long ago to monopolize the market.
  • Once ObamaSave then has the people regulated out of finance, and the regime is the Single Player, then they can use a spin word of "safe investment" in protecting your investments by deciding where your money goes to be invested in, and penalizing you or removing all stocks not part of the regime, with the focus on the seizure aspect.
  • Seizure comes in Obama debt spending, as it will be deemed that Treasury Bonds in long term locked in buying will be the only acceptable investment for small investors.
  • Small investors who are not retired will just have their assets transferred. Retirees will have the same situation, but their dividends will be paid for in people still working in their 401k's. When that money runs out, then it will be low grade bonds at 2.5% and people will be in shock as they will not have enough money to live.
  • Those who then try to get out, will be penalized in taxes that loot everything and in phase two, investors will be informed, you can not cash out as that money is locked into bonds of 25 years, and you will be dead before you can get the money or a fraction of the money.
I start this with my Bible reading in Habakkuk by the Holy Ghost today in chapter 2 starting in verse 3.

But these things I plan won't happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed.
Look at the proud! They  trust in themsleves, and their lives are crooke; but the righteous shall live by faith.
Wealth is treacherous, and the arrogant are never at rest. They range far and wide, with their mouths opened as wide as death, but they are never satisfied.

What this Witness is about is this, not about saving you, but about God's Judgment. America is a people who blasphemed the Name of God in installing a Birther in Obama as the messiah. Those who would have risen up, were led away by the minders like Mark Levin in not impeaching Obama or Michelle Malkin in her czar propaganda.
America is a wicked nation of nationalized sin in birthicide, sodomy and taking God's Name in vain. God is not going to let slide these abominations. There is going to be a reckoning, and one of the processes in this is not just wars, diseases, invasions by illegals, but it will be divesting all of you wealthy people of your money, as you never helped anyone in the measure you were supposed to, but instead built swimming pools and sent your children on around the world jet trips.
I take this personal and God knows I do, as this work here is for God and Inspired by God. The rich in America were spending ten thousand dollars on trips and a hundred thousand on swimming pools and not one donation to this blog in that amount and not one gift to some sound poor family, so they could put a down payment on a home or a business. God is not about to protect you gold whores who have been devouring His children alive and prostituting His America.
God created America from a Promise to Jacob. God created America for the express fulfillment that this Christian nation was to evangelize the world as a ministry of how God blesses a nation who turns completely to Him by Jesus the Christ.

For those who want to be saved from this, this is a situation as the Bible said, in it being as if a person fled from a lion, fell into a trap and a bear ate them. While you have been sitting there, this Obama regime has been sealing the United States borders so you can not get out. This regime has been enforcing mandates that if you remove large sums of cash from the bank, the police can stop you and seize all of that money and there is nothing you can do about it.
So trying to say how to be saved from this, it is an impossibility, as this is exactly as the attack on small businesses in America for the conglomerates. This is about wiping out the money you think you have, as that is the one weapon this cartel fears, as money can be used to fund Donald Trumps or buy arsenals.

In that, I told all of you Sarah Palin was supposed to be handling this as Vice President. She fled and it is now the crap shoot of Donald Trump. His campaign is going to have to make this an issue to stop it, as this is such a nefarious and tangled web, that once this is implemented it will never be removed.

Consider this reality. There is around 10 trillion in US small investor savings at play in this. What do you think is going to happen when 10 trillion is taken out of "non regime accepted" stocks and it flows to Nazi conglomerates or the worse, fixed bonds which you will never get your money out of.
It will be like deflating the Stock Market, and inflating conglomerates which will squander the money and bonds will be the new traded derivative debt, causing a bubble which engulf the planet.

This is a threat as Obamacare was rationed death, ObamaSave rationed debt.  There will be clever words like tissue, woman's choice, homophobia, hate crimes, involved in this like "sound investments", "investor protection", "single player" to all make this sound like it is all what it is not.

If people take trillions out of the markets, they will collapse even faster. How long do you think it would be, before the feds would stop all trading and like China stop all liquidation of assets to keep them where they are.
Put your money under your bed? That is all recorded and if you are not stopped on the way home, there is going to be something this regime will come after you to seize that like FDR seized gold in people's homes.
Put that money any place, and it is going to be controlled, taxed and seized when the time comes.....and that means massive deflation as that is what will be one of the final tools.......deflating your assets and inflating food and shelter.

When your fore parents faced God's Judgment in their literal ivory palaces, the ended up dragging away after Israel in the Northern Kingdom was wiped out, saving an arm off a couch as their grande possession, and when Judah faced the same Judgment, there was not fleeing with money, but having hooks in their noses dragged away to Babylonian slavery.
There are references to these last days in people casting their gold into the streets as it is worthless. Christians have got to be sound in their economics in clothing, housing, feeding and protecting their persons against the ways of this world, but they also are being gleaned and fired in this, to trust in God and not those false idols that the false messiah image Obama is in the process of seizing.

This regime will tell you all is delightful, as they have been lying to you with the propaganda press for years, as you are economically dying, and as they put the chains on you to harvest your organs, they will make that sound enjoyable too.

If you want answers, ask God for them, and if you are not hearing Father and Christ by their Holy Ghost, then He either told you and you rejected it, or you are not right with Him.

I told the rich to donate as a Witness against them and to their demise they have not, and have been robbing God of His money. The poor are in a situation that after the darkness if they are meek they will inherit the earth.
I have already informed all of you, that you should not be in debt if at all possible. Keep people you can trust around you. This regime has this worked out all ways against the middle. You are going to need a God Who will make a little buy a castle for the Faithful and a mountain of cash never enough to buy a loaf of bread for the rich.

You got Rationed Death and now will come Rationed Debt. If Donald Trump gets this and makes it his issue, he will ride this to a 50 state landslide. If someone else seizes this in the minders like Ted Cruz, they will be President.

No one pays me nor rewards me for campaign advice as the arrogant think they are ahead of the curve.