Friday, September 18, 2015

To those Responsible

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The other day we posted a few photos of TL's kitty Holly. I just ran over Holly with the pickup, smashing her skull, and I am never going to forget what that feels like in power steering conveying little kitten to my hands, and then seeing her flopping around.

She died with me holding her.

I have been afflicted now by you people for years, and specifically for the past few days. Some of you have disrupted my world by hitting on TL and others have decided to disrupt my work in God on Facebook.

I am not going to make this my life's work, but I am going to be patient, for a time when revolutions are involved, when upheaval is taking place, and then legally, I am going to kill every mother's son and father's daughter of you in those courts of law, and just like Riblah in Nebuchadnezzar I am going to have you witness it all, and then when you have seen that, that is going to be the last thing you ever see, as your eyes will be gouged out, and then you will be sent to hell.

I do not have to do this. I have Faith that this Will is in motion, and there will be a thousand conduits out there in this same satanic force which you have been unleashing on me, and the events will capture you to wipe every one of you from this world.
I only hope, that before that, each of you get to experience your work here, in being responsible for the death of someone, so you will know 1000 times worse what I feel like now.

Look around at your world. What is coming is hell. It is now blood sport and every last drop Will I require of you and yours.

Sealed in Jesus Name Amen and Amen

A thousand motions of evil set this in motion. I knew it was around and bound it, but you are a murderous lot like your satanic master. Distract me here, distract me there, a cattle hoof print here and none there, a pick up started to check fence.......kitty checked for.....backing slowly.........stopping for a bucket.....checking.......backing slowly and a dead Holly.

You shed innocent blood. Now all of yours is required. I am never going to forget that crushed skull nor hearing people cry over this. I will wait and use the forces not of this world to move the world to do the deed of Justice against each of you, all your children and all you are.