Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Assassin Presidents

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Since the Kennedy family committed election fraud againt Richard Nixon in 1960, America has been subjected to a continuous array of political and literal assassinations as new groups seized power.

All of us have our personal favorites and those we voted for, mine being historically Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, but one must always be honest in even Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan came to power due to political assassination.

The history is clear in John Kennedy had his brains blown out in Texas, which placed Texan, Lyndon Johnson into power.
Johnson had a coup performed on him, by Kennedy operatives, and Bobby Kennedy was shot by his own security protection, as Kennedy was going to go after his brother's assassins.
For historical reality, the first question which Bobby Kennedy asked the CIA Director in November 1961 was, "Did the CIA shoot my brother?"

What followed was more intrigue in George Wallace was brought to the election to split off the solid south, from Democrats, and Hubert Humphrey was neutralized so Richard Nixon could gain power.

Richard Nixon suffered his own Kennedy coup in Watergate, which was another sub operation group with CIA connections manifesting that, with full Rockefeller approval.

To this Jerry Ford was removed by Jimmy Carter in that intrigue of Watergate, and in 1980 Richard Nixon's second in Ronald Reagan, again with John Anderson brought into the race to assure a GOP victory, split the Democratic vote and annihilated Jimmy Carter.

Ronald Reagan, was shot in another assassination coup which failed. The same reality took place in the Howard Baker coup against Ronald Reagan in which Reagan was going to be removed for being senile.

This then brought about CIA man George H.W. Bush, who in four short years had another political assassination plot moved against him for Bill Clinton, in CBS propaganda and Special Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh, in intrigue indicted key Bush people, which then brought in Clinton, another CIA asset with Hillary Clinton.

Then appeared the upheaval of the 2000 elections which was more vote suppression by Al Gore and more story suppression of pervert Bush children which would have placed Florida into Gore's camp.
The 2004 election early returns had John Kerry winning in the east, the tracking polls. Either Kerry was attempting political intrigue or someone in Diebold electronic voting fraud stole the election from John Kerry in Bush fatigue.

During this period America witnessed the clearing of the decks in political assassinations in the Obama Clinton regime removed competitors, John Edwards, Rod Blagojevich and Eliot Spitzer and the Bush assassinations removing Conservative George Allen, and the rest of true Patriots to pave the way for Jeb Bush.

In Obama, there was direct e vote flipping, in 10 million GOP voters disappeared in both elections. Romney could not cry fowl as Romney did the same thing in removing Newt Gingrich as a competitor in the primaries.

The reason I bring this up, is the Holy Ghost moved me to read the history of the Israelite Kings. As the 10 Northern Kingdoms broke away from Solomon's son, the entire legacy of Israelite or American Kings of their past, as Americans are the tribe of Mannaseh, was one of non stop assassinations. There was nothing but political conspiracy.

For a generation, sometimes for America's good, but in most cases for America's harm, there has been nothing but political intrigue and assassination in America. That is not to say that there are not these situations in all nations, but it is to state that America has not had one legitimately or fairly elected President in over 50 years. As I stated, we all have our favorites and bias, but the reality is the facts which are the history in the above.
It is no different in what is arrayed against Donald Trump. It is this cartel machine which destroys all and promotes the one stooge which is chosen to carry out what is most lucrative for advancing feudal rule. Sometimes it is with prosperity and freedom as under Ronald Reagan to sucker the people and sometimes it is with poverty and police state under Obama's regime to appeal to the deluded.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.