Monday, October 26, 2015

A More Perfect Union

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was pondering the Despot of Minnesota in Mark Dayton. Despot Dayton is the rich dictator of Homosota which is auditioning from Terrorsota, from the days of Minnesota when Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale were what Democrats were.

Dayton is a screw loose wacko who came up with some conspiracy theories or something in the Senate of they were all doomed, before he fled back to the Minnesota Soviet to begin importing reams of foreigners.
He is an Obama boy in his black soul, and in that Dayton recently told white Minnesotans to get out of Minnesota, their state they have built and paid taxes for, in favor of these foreign invaders in Obama Change America revolution.

That is what I was pondering in this, in a reality of Despot Dayton, like Despot Cuomo of New York told his people to get out of their state, if they were White, Christian and Conservative. That is a shattering of Constitutional rights, and as Americans are too whipped to take up arms, I was wondering why it would not be a good thing for the Lame Cherry to start a Realignment of America.

I will start with Homosota, to explain this. Minnesota is the Metro and the Outstate. Think of it as........Reagan Blue State Christians are in the rural communities and the Red fag communists are in Minneapolis and St. Paul who rule these poor slaves.

Minnesota is a draconian enclave like Pyongyang. They have state income taxes, immense taxes on property and they find ways to spend billions of dollars on invaders and fags, while preening themselves about how much more lovely they are, than the rest of you slugs.

That is what the Lame Cherry is looking at, as the moron always says seceed from the Union, which was murderous in the Civil War. In Lame Cherry Wisdom and Inspiration, I say, why not have each county in Minnesota vote to join themselves to another State as in non income tax, oil rich, low tax North Dakota.

This is not far reaching as it sounds, because the Arrowhead wilderness area has been grousing about starting their own state, along with perhaps part of Michigan in the Great Lakes. Why not instead, when Despot Dayton ordered white Christians out of Minnesota, simply have those Outstate Americans, not leave, but take their land and annex it to North Dakota?

In researching this online, there are the Articles which state no state can form within a state, but the Constitution is really silent on the issue of counties having the right to vote to join to other States. In that, the 10th Amendment takes precedent in it is the People, then the State, and then the Federal who have the ultimate Authority. Meaning, an organized group of people, meaning a county, could vote to remove itself from the jurisdiction of Minnesota, and put themselves into another State.

This would be a representative boom for North Dakota as it would gain over a dozen House seats and Electoral College Votes. In a few short months, North Dakota would equal the major states of Ohio and Missouri in importance, and it would be almost completely a Reagan Blue State.

It only makes sense as people are flooding into the Dakotas from Minnesota, as refugees from that liberal state, in the people of Minnesota, simply staying home and not being exiles, but taking their counties and uniting them to a Government which protected and prospered them.

Minnesota Outstate is a wasteland and becoming worse. The entire border region, whether it is cigarette traffic into Fargo North Dakota or fireworks from South Dakota, are where the commerce is, as Minnesota has destroyed all the small businesses in western Minnesota. It would be the salvation of those peoples to join the Dakotas, and I frankly could see that in the near future, the Michigan Penninsula, the Minnesota Arrowhead, the Iron Range and notherwestern Minnesota would be one huge greater North Dakota.
The same issue would be for South Dakota in annexing all of southern Minnesota and the rural counties of Wisconsin.
Literally, Despot Dayton and little Paul Ryan would be in their Obama metro enclaves, but the greater portion of American land would be in Conservative States. The people would rule once again as they should.

The Lame Cherry sees this as far reaching, and it hopes that Donald Trump considers the following for the Mexican situation. Why should not Mexicans have the right to vote in the northern states which were and are Texas, to join America. Not as states, but what about Territories, in which they would still gain the entire prosperity and protection of America which they seek, but have it in Mexico? On the reverse, Americans would have opened to them large areas of the New Amexico Territory to settle upon, buy lands, invest in and develop with the new Amerixcans, who would not be voting Americans, but sovereigns in their own right.
Think of it as Mexico with benefits for Americans, instead of Mexicans taking American benefits for free.

I see this expanding in Mark Levin can quit bitching about burkah babes in his Starbucks and simply have his community vote to join Conservative West Virginia By God. West Virginia is illegal as all hell, being created in 1863 as a State within a State of Virginia, but like all things might makes right in Obamacare and sodomy, so people in counties can join other states and flip the bird to the damned liberals in their million dollar enclaves.

As I review this, with North Dakota joining by the waterways of the Great Lakes to Michigan, just down the St. Lawrence is Upstate New York, another Conservative area, and those people could join to North Dakota too.

As you redraw the map, the eastern areas of Oregon and Washington could join to Idaho and in short order, one literally could see that what were once domineering liberal dictatorships, would become Conservative electoral powerhouses. North Dakota could become with the addition of New York Upstate, be like the super states of Florida and Texas.

I am all of this. I could view nothing as sweeter than these traitors like Dayton and Cuomo having all that tax revenue, all those voters for electoral power, and all of that hatred spewed back on them, in their peoples simply joining other States who are still American.

There is nothing in the Constitution which forbids this, and part of Utah tried to become Nevada not long ago, in the House passed it, but Harry Reid protecting his gambling interests stopped it. What I am stating though is this, this is nothing the Congress or Federal has any part of. They have jurisdiction over states staying the Union by force, they have jurisdiction in admiting States, they have jurisdiction in setting original territorial borders and redefining them, but when it comes to peoples on the land voting to separate out from Massachusetts, that is the People's right at the organized community level.

This is the part of the answer to the Obama destruction of America, a new American Reconstruction, based upon Americans protecting their own interests. It is all legal, and you know liberals are going to scream to hell and back about this, as this is the check to their imbalance, but as there are people who have been doing this, States have done this, hell Bill Clinton gave back part of Alaska to the People in Minnesota, North Dakota have every right to accomplish what the Preamble to the Constitution Authorizes.

We the People of the United States, in order to FORM A MORE PERFECT UNION.

A more perfect Union is people being abused by despots, joining their lands to States where their rights will be self governed.

This is not secession. This is not revolution. This is the Right of the People to Form a More Perfect Union.

Make this a movement to save yourself, and to deal with the Mexican invasion.

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