Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Criminal Political Racketeer Jeb Bush

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Jeb Bush, besides being married to a criminal smuggler, and having three offspring who are outlaws, has now engaged in election fraud and should be indicted and arrested in a political conspiracy, as this now includes Jeb Bush, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and a strange little groupie of these old males in Lauren Rose Batchelder who was leaving "love note" in Twitter to Jeb Bush, who engaged her to attempt to smear Donald Trump, while working for the office of Senator Kelly Ayotte, as a paid staffer, while being a paid political operative of the Jeb Bush campaign, makes this all a criminal enterprise of the sleaziest form.


Ms. Batchelder makes one uncomfortable in how she stalks or is a groupie to all of the Republicans of the Jebcave sphere. It is disquieting to know that the Jeb Bush campaign and these other campaigns would use a female who, apparently has some kind of psychological problems in "daddy issues" in the way she gloms onto these millionaires.

Those who attempt to deflect from the Jeb Bush crimes, in stating this is all the fringe, we have the fact that as a paid operative of Jeb Bush, Ms. Batchelder committed fraud. She entered a Jon Huntsman event where Donald Trump was the speaker, and then she undertook a pro aborticide stance in attempting to hammer Donald Trump on women's issues, when she works for Senator Ayotte, who is pro life, as another proof of the "gotcha" set up conspiracy this was.
CNN immediately cropped Ms. Batchelder's performance, and was running the footage to destroy Donald Trump politically. All of this proves a conspiracy to engage in fraud in a federal election.

There are laws on the books which make it illegal to deface election campaign signs. There is absolutely no difference in what Ms. Batchelder did, working for Jeb Bush and his Jebcavers in attempting to deface Mr. Trump.

What followed was exactly the same issue as Watergate, as Ms. Batchelder with the Bush campaign on being caught in their crimes, attempted to scrub the internet of all of the attachments to the entire Bush machine.

I ask you to recall the Lame Cherry expose' on Senator Lindsey Graham in his phone destruction digital movie, which could not have been produced in the amount of time it required, meaning there was prior knowledge of this as part of this entire Jebcaver criminal conspiracy to defraud Donald Trump.
Political speech, does not transfer from Jeb Bush, to what appears like a troubled young woman in Lauren Rose Batchelder, commiting crimes for Jeb Bush to steal this election, no more than Richard Nixon was left innocent when G. Gordon Liddy, broke into the Watergate complex to smear Democrats for that Presidential election.

The Lame Cherry is demanding for a Congressional investigation of the entire Jeb Bush criminal enterprise. Free speech, does not allow anyone to go into an auditorium and scream "FIRE", no more than going into a political event and cry "RAPE".

In all sincerity, Jeb Bush belongs in prison. Lindsey Graham, Kelly Ayotte, Marco Rubio and John McCain should be indicted and immediately impeached from Congress. This is smarmy, worse than the Obama regime loading their own operatives to ask questions to promote their Obamacare fraud, because this was designed to defame and degrade an innocent man.

This is Cavergate and one must understand something in this, that a candidate can lie as political free speech up to a point, the point being in 17 states it is illegal to make inflamatory states about a candidate, THIS DOES NOT TRANSFER, no more than James Bond 007's license to kill, transfers to his gay sex partner Jimmy, who then blows up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, as example.

If Ms. Batchelder had asked Donald Trump a question posed as, "Mr. Trump, why did Megyn Kelly ask you the questions she did on FOX about women?", it would have been acceptable, instead of what the Bush operative did in starting out accusing Mr. Trump with a Kayne West charge to George Bush in "George Bush hates blacks" statement.

Federal police are supposed to answer if they are employees of the government if asked as a matter of law. There must now be a Jeb Bush law in which all of these plants must announce, they are a paid operatives of another campaign, as what is Jeb Bush going to offer up with his next teenage groupie?

This requires Congressional investigations, a Federal Grand Jury Investigation, the Federal Election Commission and the FCC involved in this criminal conspiracy, led by the FBI.

Jeb Bush is a Racketeer, a Political Racketeer, in violation of the Federal RICO act, which states if a person is part of an organized conspiracy violating federal and state crimes, they can be indicted if they violate two of them in the past 10 years.
One of them was obscenity, and Jeb Bush was caught being foul mouthed in cursing Donald Trump, and the other was immigration in Jeb Bush has been as Birther Obama, thwarting the protection of the US borders with his Mexican invasion of America.

None of these are stretches of the criminal codes, no more than throwing Al Capone into prison on tax evasion. This is the reality is Jeb Bush, with Lauren Rose Batchelder, are co conspirators with John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio and Kelly Ayotte. They all need to be hauled before a Federal Grand Jury and indicted.

The point in this is simple as the evidence of Barack Hussein Obama's regime proves. Does America, want these blatant shatterers of the law, behind White House gates where the police state is protecting far greater crimes like assassinating Americans overseas by drones?

The answer from the Lame Cherry is NO!!!!!!!

Jeb Bush belongs behind another type of gate, at Federal maximum security prison in Leavenworth Kansas. As far as Lauren Rose Batchelder, this wrongly abused young child, by the Bush, Graham, McCain, Rubio and Ayotte political machine, honestly needs a psychological evaluation, as this kind of zealotry is out of bounds exploitation ISIS engages in with young children. All children need to be protected from themselves.

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