Thursday, October 29, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was having a pretty good day in we got the blocks put under the garage for TL's things and our neighbor kindly came over with his tractor and scooped a pile of Baby Belle and Baby Daisy shit.......I figure it must have been a 1000 pounds.

He told us we could go pick turnips in his field, so we started off to do that, but Tex was creeping the I fixed it.....we came back and Tex was out.
Tex is a horned Hereford bull. He shook his horns at me twice. I called his bluff as that kind of thing can not stand. The pick up though was handy and .......well I got stuck on the road as it is a 2 wheel drive.......had to push it out.
Then I decided to educate Tex about cattle chasing. It was an enlightenment to TL to in chasing cattle with a pick up and not a horse. I have great enjoyment in rodding cattle's asses who think they got it all figured out. Run the hell out an animal and they get a lesson in discipline. Just do not run them too hard or they will go off the scale in never being  tame.

So I got to check fence in the dark. The reason being is I did not trust them even locked up as TL helped me get them in on foot. There were 4 one hell of a big zap fencer though. It was arcing in the dark in several spots.
Will see in the morning if the lesson is learned. Need more feed.

Richard and Stephanie asked about us here, and us here are limping along. TL's ankle which was blown out in soccer years ago and is hanging on tendons, is sore at times.....I tend to haul TL into rough places as I explore things.
My leg gash is healed in the gash. Bone bruise though has it sore. Mom's leg is interesting in it is just a few leakages along the outside. It is red meat color and white skin on top. I am going to start leaving it get some air at night as she sits up and watches television.
We are good though. I think if the weather holds and I get some more  feed that is affordable that things will work out. Really need Jesus to work things out.

The German asked me about the Berliner Boys. I overlook many times that I natter on about things that I know about, but others require explanation.......sort of like TL just showed me TL got a warning message online in German. Perhaps it was the NSA being clever in trying to intimidate me again. I am too poor, tired and whatever to be intimidated by the regime. I would have to be dead to get some rest and some riches in Heaven.

Berliner Boys, is a term which dates back to 2008, when Birther Obama made his first stop in Germany to announce he was going into the White House. Germany was the first stop of the Rothschilds or Ashkenaz Mayer clan who took over world finance.

That is who installed Obama into the White House. The European cartel. Their aristocracy sent the Paper Clip group of intelligensia to America to use America as their conduit to further the agenda for world feudalism. It has always been a leech feeding on the societies it has infected and those it preys upon.
When you have an order of  the mystery religion which is beyond the modern understanding of powers which are beyond financial and the stuff of Nimrod, you have the name which it was called her, the Berliner Boys.

As TL's computer is now under attack in someone is shutting down the pages TL was looking at, it is perhaps time for me to post this and move on. The next moments may be better, and perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.

Jubal the kitty was in the house as I was not going to run that cat over like Holly. As I was getting the flashlight, Jubal was playing with a baby bootie. Perhaps my plan of gravitating Jubal into the house has worked. I do not know if Jubal will be pleased inside or not. Cats just like outside, but she was really happy tonight.
As we were putting the blocks under the shed today, Jubal decided to jump off the tractor onto my shoulder and then sit on my head. She does this very well. If this progresses we will have a cat past Jesus coming back. I don't know, just want this kitty safe, in a world where that is fleeting globally now.

Interesting in I created a series of memes tonight and none of them saved as I saved them, just the choom one about Obama. That of course can not happen in all the colors changed and the words were gone.

Better hour ahead.