Friday, October 16, 2015

Black Entertainment Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry applauds future President Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson for joining together in denouncing CNBC pimping of the GOP Presidential group, and castigating the GOP for not protecting their candidates, from being exploited for profits by NBC.

NBC is the network which cost Donald Trump hundreds of millions of dollars in canceling his program, The Apprentice, and attempting to replace Mr. Trump, and now NBC is attempting to market Mr. Trump for profit in these lucrative political debates, which are only lucrative from Mr. Trump appearing.

CNN first exploited Mr. Trump in making a 2 hour debate into a 3 hour marketing of Mr. Trump. This grueling marathon did no service to the candidates and it barred them from opening and closing remarks in their own words. This scripted gotcha of Mr. Trump and the attempt to feature only Jeb Bush, as CNN later had Hillary Clinton filibuster the Democrats for Mrs. Clinton filling up the entire program, is a further collusion against the American people.

I do not and will not offer advice to Mr. Trump nor Dr. Carson in this issue, but I do offer this reality in political practice.

Now that Mr. Trump and Dr. Carson have drawn a line in the sand, to not appear unless their demands are met, I advocate that Mr. Trump and Dr. Carson should embark on an alternative political debate on the same evening, at the same time.

What the Lame Cherry has in mind, is for Mr. Trump and Dr. Carson to approach Black Entertainment Television, to co stream an internet broadcast of the Trump Carson debate. I would reach out to the lower tier debaters in the first period to join in this debate in Bobby Jindahl etc... to be a part of this, and whoever else would not care to waste their time in a Jebcaver whore show at CNBC.

I would not back down on this, even if CNBC and the RNC submit to the rules. I would go with Black Entertainment in sending a clear message that Donald Trump and Ben Carson care about the black community in America, which has been abandoned by the Obama regime.

For the panel of questioners, it should be headed by the fine interviewer and champion of the black community, who has pressed hard against the Obama regime in Tavis Smiley. Mr. Smiley is one of the best interviewers in media, and is a hard questioner and is fair.

I would add to this, Mark Levin from talk radio and Victor Davis Hanson, the Conservative scholar and fellow of Stanford.

These three would produce a debate which produce the intellectual quality which has been absent from the former marketing Donald Trump for profit programs.

This should be what Donald Trump and Ben Carson should engage in, for a productive alternative to what the RNC has been bending over to, in exploiting the Republicans.

Why should the two candidates who have more supporters than the other dozen failures be on a stage with Jebcavers.

This is what the reality should be. What is the point in Mr. Trump or Mr. Carson, wasting their time on a stage where the elite has been fondling first Jeb, then Carly, then Cruz, and now Marco Rubio is their billionaire finger bang to whore for the elite billionaire fags. Everyone knows this is Jeb's panties on parade in who gets to wear them this week. They have the same stench as a year ago when he said we all had to be like Obama and that he hated George W. Bush.

Let us have a real debate, and focus on the black Americans who are not being led around by talking points, and once cheered Bill Clinton in 1992 in a speech, where  there were no free rides in America and all had to work who could.
This Obama regime has left blacks with buyers remorse and a black genocide from Planned Parenthood and being replaced by Mexican slaves. As CNBC wants to play games for profit, then have the leading GOP contenders debate with those who desire a debate on Black Entertainment, in English and for Americans who care about the future of America.

Nuff said