Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dirt Niggers

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the study of Martin Luther, I have noted that Dr. Luther detested, loathed, scorned and enjoyed God's wrath poured out on Big Farm, back in the day of the Reformation.
Today in the brier patch as I have written, Big Farm and Big Preach go together as screwing over poor people is smiled upon by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and the really great part is Big Preach then ushers the poor people out of their place of worship, instead of dealing with the sinners on their board of elders.

I watch Big Farm a great deal. You can see Big Pope grinning with that grinning image of Obama too as whoredom is not just the Vatican riding the beast of Revelation, but whoredom is every religion which is in bed with the financial world and condoning sin.

I really can not call farmers, farmers any more, than you can call preachers, preachers any more. The pulpit standers are sin condoners in their personal bias and always come down on the side of the rich people in their congregations. There is no Martin Luther among them. They are all Pharasees and Saducees.
So these, and you can not even call them "earth movers" as farming, in the Ben Carson friendship phase of thinking that 11 dollars an hour for dangerous work, which nets you under the poverty wage, is the American Dream......and Jeb Bush is all for you working 80 hours a week, as that is the problem in this is not that you are being exploited by the rich, but that you are not working yourself to death fast enough to profit them more.

I am still searching for a name for these non tillers of the soil, as farming is now, going out in the spring in which the "farmer" hires the fertilizing done. Then dude goes out in his 250,000 dollar tractor and 150,000 planter, to air blow seeds into the ground.
Then dude hires some Big Agri to come out again and spray poisons to kill weeds.......spray poisons to kill bugs..........and about October, they go out with a combine and harvest.

No farming can call famers, toxic sprayers, blow job boys, or what they are welfare exploiters as all of this is guaranteed to millionaires who "work" about 4 weeks out of the year to be paid hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.
Yes they are paid that so they can pay most of it back to Monsanto and John Deere which work for Obama, but you get the idea of what farmers now different than Niggers on Chicago's West side dealing dope.......blow job boys just deal grain for the cartel.

So I watch these blow job boys a great deal for amusement. They are honestly like sheep and that is not a put down to sheep, as one of these blow job boys does something, and every blessed one of these morons does the same thing.
For example, they have "discovered" as some pin head looking to exploit them, that ferilizer must be till driven applicated into the soil "to get at the roots". Never mind that American farmers put that stuff on top of the soil, tilled it in, and rains leaches it all down.......nope the new idea is get it at those roots. It costs more, but hey when you are a Soil Nigger.........."I like that title"......when you are a Soil Nigger with a million in borrowed money to spend, you might as well spend it on a new idea.

The spectacular idea in this area this summer has been to sow turnips into the soil, as a natural fertilizer, as we are told that turnips make bulbs, then rot down, and all is free fertilizer come spring.
To take the Kim Darby character from True Grit, so you know my tone when she was speaking to Stonehouse having sold her father geldings as breeding stock........

"I have experimented with this sowing of turnips and radishes in the soil at the end of August, just like people in Illinois say it works wonderful. Problem is, in most areas in Zone 3 and 4, August sowing of turnips gets you just green tops as things freeze off too soon, as the lack of sun, moisture and warmth just does nothing.
Now mind you, I have done it in July, and made Daikon radishes just fine for the fall, but the problem is WHEAT is in these Dirt Nigger's fields in July, and crops do not come out until you get the idea that some of these farmers are going to be frowning that the new idea was not such a great one....probably why Grand Daddy never did such a fool thing, as some fool tried it and it bankrupted them.

Yes I know I changed it to Dirt Niggers....more earthy and biting sound than Soil Nigger, as the S and L is softer and we are dealing with D and T which are harsher and that is the effect, and you enjoy saying Dirt Nigger as it is easier and more pleasantly spat out than Soil Nigger. It is why Sod Buster was such a great slur at farmers, than Soil Mover.

See this Mockingbird is a science and you have no idea what you hear in the MSM is moving in this little experiment that..........
What was it someone told TL.....they tell their friends to just take the gems from Lame Cherry and leave the other stuff. Yes the ignorant never does catch on that the "other stuff" is the reason they are still able to talk as I cleared the ground for your foul mouths to berate me in your being dunces.
None of you are as intelligent as you think you are.

So this story is about, the Dirt Niggers, and the favorite past time of the rich in how to waste money they have stolen from the Treasury in their millionaire welfare fraud which makes Big Preach smile and defend them for the lucre.

All of the Dirt Niggers now own ATV's......yes some have several as what they have decided upon is, it is just so much easier to get on an ATV to jam your spine and so much more economical to go to fields on their gas mileage than in a pick you are covered with all the grime of heat, humidity, dirt and bugs biting you.

This is amusing as the other Sabbath, TL and I were out walking and who should come purring by but the Dirt Nigger who said he was going to sell me my Grandfather's homestead, humiliated me by going over there three times, and then decided that he had not discussed and then let me find my way out as I was not worthy of being shown any respect. Yes I am related to this A HOLE.

So A HOLE comes purring by, and it is a chilly morning, and even with riding with the wind, this moron has on his little Carhart know all the Dirt Niggers got them 60 dollar Carhart canvas coats with thinsulate, and he is beet red, looking like a candidate for pneumonia..........but you know Louise, that he is saving all that money riding that ATV, jamming his 50 year old, fat ass body, around on that ATV.
I laughed at the sight, and mentioned to TL, that I wondered if he needed bigger ATV to pull that load, as that was one fat steer, looking like cooler meat in the locker.

I desire to point something out in all of this too, which has not dawned on the Dirt Niggers as their coffee chat and gossip has not had anyone pointing this need it pointed out to in economics.
So the ATV is such a deal. It needs license, insurance, maintenance, fuel...oh but fuel is cheap and these things cost five to ten thousand dollars, as these Dirt Niggers always get the Hummer size craft to save money with.

Now let's see, I can buy one hell of allot of gas for my pick up, which is air conditioned, heated when it needs to be, does not have be breathing toxic poisons, boiling my brains, giving me pneumonia, or getting me run over by some deer of farm implement as farmers are dumb as posts in running people over. A Dirt Nigger ran over an 80 year old guy last year and got away with it here.

So I can buy 5000 dollars worth of gas or 15,000 dollars worth of gas, be a great deal more comfortable and save my spine......but don't worry, all these Dirt Niggers will be whining in a few more years about hemorrhoids and back I noticed even the 40 year old kids are all grey already, but they are saving 10 dollars a week to spend 15,000 dollars a year.

Now you should understand why I hate Dirt Niggers, in exactly the way Martin Luther loathed the greedy big farmers of his era. They have the regime paying them on Rush Limbaugh toxic welfare, as they feed toxins to our environment and to each of us making us sick, and they run the poor off the land, while Big Preach stands in the pulpit saying how wonderful they are.

I have two last things to post and it is this.

To the thieves who come here that are fucking idiots, looking down on me, because you are too fucking idiot to comprehend all God Inspires me to to, all so you can judge the gems.......get off this blog and stay off it, as my pearls are cast for you pigs.

Second, rich people whether Dirt Niggers or Gold Diggers, are all the same. They all think they are better than the poor, because the preachers never tell them what sinners they are, but the point is they are all going to hell as their reward is here.

..........and I almost forgot as right before I came in, there was another Dirt Nigger, who is retired, roaring by on his Gator.......10,000 dollars as he sold his land to another Dirt Nigger at 4000 dollars an acre, driving up  taxes on that millionaire Dirt Nigger has little Dirt Niggers who are keen on being blow job boys  too......
That is 65,000 dollars a year the Gator guy is being paid, spent 10,000 dollars, all to drive 5 miles to his daughter's something so damn load that deaf old two cylinder popping John Deere farmer is going to have to have a 10,000 dollar hearing aide........along with bone operations for all his Gator jiggling now going on.

Just can not get in a nice air conditioned car, and drive bust your bones, ruin your hearing and come off smelling like a pig.

I honest to God think that sheep just might be brighter than rich people.

That about sums up this education as there should not be a need to tell you that Wall Street telling you to keep buying stocks as stocks are going down......"as this is a long term investment" is just more proof what morons the rich people are, and how equal they are to sheep in all going the same direction when their master satan calls.