Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Clinton Chattel Know Their Place


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

First let me end this Hillary Clinton thing in Emailgate. The entire Trey Goutie or whatever that boob's name is for the GOP that everyone is praising is the following:

Hillary Clinton will declare as she always does, "This is now settled and behind me. I testified to the issue. I took responsibility and now we have an election to win."

The press will cheer. The public will not care. The Department of Obama Lawlessness will not indict.

Congress will do the Issa Rule, in lying to the public, protecting the Obama regime and promoting it, and divert more attention from the agenda to wipe out new world order hippie, Paul Ryan gains dictatorial control.

Now where was I?

Oh yes, Hillary Clinton, in who cares about her. No I mean literally.

The public is more interested in the solar phobic crotch skirt girls she employs who sit in back of her. Nothing like Marion the Librarian hotties to get lezbos and jack offs hot in seeing all those trim, non stairmaster legs........hired no doubt by powerful old bald white men to have wrapped around them on occasions when the wife is told it is an emergency meeting.


I mean just look at the photo. You got sexy leggy girls behind Hillary..........and there is poor Huma the lezbo Muslim off to the side with her legs closed tighter than on her wedding night and every day since to Anthony Wiener.
You do get this right that Huma and Husband are never together, and just like Bill and Hillary are never together, that .....well Huma and Hillary are, until she is before Congress, and then Hillary's wife is cast off to the side like a musty old flying carpet ride, in favor of the white girls as distractions.

Problem is this Indian chic.


I mean talk about snore city. No one ever notices the South Asian chic unless they are in some Ballywood production. You get the point in this right? Liberals have to hire the darkies for window dressing, and to do the work, while the white chics in short skirts are busy filing the boss or taking selfies for The the darkies work.

That is the only thing interesting in this, as you should have known Hillary Clinton only used this as primary coverage and would declare victory with the press. The real story is Hillary Clinton and her legal team employing Asian slave labor to do the work, while the white girls are there for sexual exploitation.

The photo evidence is at the New York Times with Maureen Dowd's new column gushing over Hillary as the Ladyhawke????,  she is, but of course the Times did not notice the real story in this, in the sexual exploitation of women, as this so common now that no one notices it..........even you.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

At least Drudge has it right in Hillary is one sick old broad with gland problems that will kill her.