Sunday, October 11, 2015

Chez Boehner


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is making it official. I do not desire, want, need, accept nor advocate, Paul Ryan, who is Mormon Romney's little dick and image Obama's big prick as Speaker of the House.

If you need to be reminded what Chez Boehner has been up to since Mormon Romney fished this traitor Ryan out of the Wisconsin muck, you find that Paul Ryan is a member of the Aspen Institute. That is the hippy left wing think tank, which just awarded Jimmy Carter some prize this past summer. Same place where that billionaire fag, Foster Friess, who has been pushing the gay agenda on America, and backing Vatican Jesuits like Rick Santorum into elections, so Mormons like Romney win...........that is what Paul Ryan is.

Ryan's voting record was pushing Obamatrade. You know the trade bill by Obama for the mega conglomerates which enslaves the world and ruins America.....that is what Paul Ryan was recently up to.
Do you really want Obama White for Speaker of the House? Hell no I do not !!!!!!!!!

The search records are available for all in Paul Ryan is for amensty for these murderous raping invaders and Paul Ryan is for Obama big spending.

Ryan's big-spending conservatism - POLITICO

Paul Ryan rose to the top of the political ranks on his reputation as a conservative budget hawk. But his voting record shows him to be far from a pure ...

Once again, if Paul Ryan is the choice, then why not just put Nancy Pelosi back as Speaker, as you are going to have the same damn thing as her record or Boehner's record.

Sure Paul Ryan votes for all the right wing stuff, which he knows is never going to be signed into law by image Obama, but it is all this other crap which you do not pay attention to in passing all of Obama's agenda, that is the cancer of Paul Ryan politics, which is what is trying to destroy Donald Trump.

Chez Boehner is not what the GOP needs or wants in the majority. The GOP has to put into power someone who is going to follow Donald Trumps lead for 2016 and assist in his winning over Democrats. Paul Ryan is a RHINO who will be cuddling with image Obama and quilting with Muchelle.

That is the reality of it all. When the Obama press and the elite with Newt Gingrich want Paul Ryan........I am certain he is the poison pill for America, that I do not want.

Paul Ryan is the anti Trump candidate. Ryan is for invasion, for massive debt and wants to start a nuclear war with Vladimir Putin for saving Russians in Ukraine and Christians in Syria.

Congressman Paul Ryan puts blame on Putin - WKOW

WASHINGTON (WKOW) -- Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan blames Russian President Vladimir Putin for his country's invasion of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula.

Paul Ryan is not American. Paul Ryan is just like all these foreign invaders led by Obama, trying to getting Americans obliterated from the face of the planet.

No to Paul Ryan as Speaker, as the Lame Cherry is going to pound his Velveeta ass like all Conservatives until he is Boehnerized too. No more frauds for Obama leading the GOP!!!!!!!!.