Sunday, October 11, 2015

Through the Ted glass

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is a reality which is going to be too expansive for many to deal with. This is the fringe which Lame Cherry deals with and has been proven right in previous exclusives.

I do not like it in how all of these characters in the coming Presidential run are so absolutely convinced that Donald Trump is not going to be the nominee. There is something more to this than parrots like Billy Cunningham repeating things he is told and more than Donald Trump running head games on his opponents.
The reality points to something like Harry Reid naming 18 months for the Tea Party to be dead, and indeed it was. Ruined by a programme of chemical and electronic homosexualizing people on the right, in this great sodomite agenda.....a literal intelligence assault program.

The subject of this is Ted Cruz, confirming everything this blog stated about this election ghoul, in his being a fraud, pretending he was a supporter of Donald Trump, all to collect all of the Tea Party sheep for brains, as of course when Mr. Trump was no longer a candidate, all of us would flock to the Pied Piper Cruz for the rats we are.

What I am going to touch on here is something of revulsion for you to accept as reality as you have been trained to mock all of this as part of the mystery religion which is the practice of the elite.

Jeff Rense has been featuring a man named Zachary King, who is now a Catholic, but who began life as a successful practioner of magik, moved to the occult of satanism, became part of the rites in Planned Parenthood aborticide centers in offering up children in the womb, and rose to the degree, to become a high wizard.
Mr. King in his bloody mary spells became quite enriched as a child financially as this magik does work. It is why high wizards are employed by the elite, and why his work now exposing a great part of this, in most of the entertainers you see have sold their souls to the devil as he had, is important to understand, because the elite, employ the wizards to cast spells and make deals.

Mr. King mentions being at Bohemian Grove a number of times, and seeing Barack Hussein Obama there, mentioned as a future President already in 1993.

In conducting an inquiry, I desired to understand what Ted Cruz was basing his information on, in blurting out to WABC that Mr. Trump would not be in the race, and Cruz would inherit the wind.

Ted Cruz actually heard this, not from someone,  but something. What Mr. King was involved in was the old arts, but a great deal has changed, as a synthetic version has been created in things like scrying mirrors and other devices, which I have referred to as the demon machine.
Much of this is computer generated in algorythmns and controlled energy surges. Ted Cruz is a member of the Rockefeller faction. His wife as stated was the person who authored the white paper, on the aborting of America and absorbing her into Mexico and Canada.

What took place was a rite, which platformed off the hybrid programme. What initiates this is the charging of the field, and this opens a portal to the matrix, where a voice speaks. This voice is what Cruz heard with certainty.
The story was that an entity, an evil spirit is conjured and it takes possession of Mr. Trump, influencing him so he drops out of the race.
This is what the matrix was speaking of a time line off of Cruz's will. I am not going to go into details here in why the matrix behaves in reflections the way it does, but what Cruz and others who have been repeating things, have heard this event cycle, and they are certain it will manifest.

I am not certain it will manifest.

Right now I would like to manifest an extra large swirl ice cream cone. I think I would like to change stones into ice cream sandwiches and not bread........lots of flavors perhaps, mint, vanilla, and sherbet orange.

I digress.

That is the mystery behind this......was just contemplating how Ted Cruz in college got popular with this group in what he was dancing around the edges doing.

Well, enough of this as now I am thinking of Honey Baked Ham.