Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Webb of 2016

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When the Lame Cherry informed all of you, that Jim Webb was Jeb Bush's man in the democratic primary meant to destroy Hillary Clinton, I doubt any of you paid close enough attention to that reality.

Now reality is biting you in the ass, as you do not know what the dynamics now are in all of this, so the non donors will cheat again in stealing information from this poverty stricken Prophetess, because your addiction here can only be fed by the mother's milk feeding you your only mental nourishment.

Jim Webb has now left the democratic primary, and rightly so, as the first "debate" was nothing but a Hillary showcase with Bernie Sanders whoring for Mrs. Clinton running interference on her crimes.

What I noticed in this was where Jim Webb next appeared, and that was telling, as he was a guest speaker at the Council on Foreign Relations. That is the Aristocracy of the Ashkenz financiers, which ranks only behind the Rothschilds Bilderbergs who govern the entire show, in they installed Obama into America.

Jim Webb is much deep than all of this Jebcaver revelation the Lame Cherry broke. Jim Webb was sent in to neutralize Hillary Clinton, so Jeb Bush would win the White House, as that is the deal the Paperclip boyz had worked out. The problem is Jeb Bush is thee worst candidate in Presidential history. The entire billionaire fags of the elite are now hedging for their third replacement of Jeb, as Carson and Fiorina tanked, and Cruz never has gained traction.......so it falls to Marco Rubio as Jeb looks like the statue the birds shit on and the statue no more than Jeb knows he has gauno dandruff all over him.

Now Jim Webb has trashed the fraud of the democrats coronating Hillary Clinton, with the royal fool of Bernie Sanders in tow, and Joe Biden playing the creepy priest getting lost in the corridores.......and now Jim Webb who is not going away, has a new mission to kill the Obama liberals and that is a Third Party Run......yes Jim Webb is to be the Ross Perot and John Anderson stealth election wedger of 2016.

I like Jim Webb. He is a former nigger knocker. No that is not why I like him, and for those who do not know what a nigger knocker is, a nigger knocker is a bunch of white kids in east coast schools who cruised the streets looking for dumb ass niggers standing on street corners, who the car would roll up to, and the white boys would pile out and beat the bobama out of them and then drive away for more sport.
Webb served America well in the military and is a real hero, unlike Kerry or Gore. He served President Reagan, was a stooge to get rid of Senator George Allen of  Virginia as a competitor to Jeb Bush for 2016, and is now again in employ for the coming elections by the cartel.
If Jim Webb was not a bend over fag supporter, I would not have a problem with him, as he is a tough man and that is what makes a great President.

What I watch in this is the New York Post on a Mockingbird story, released some poison pen research it has been fed, showing Webb was using his PAC to pay his wife and daughter for adviser rolls. For the horse feed Webb has been rationed to run this operation against Hillary and now Joe Biden, I have no problem with nepotism as his like tenths wife Hong the Hottie should be paid money just for being Asian pretty.
Jeb Bush is probably terrified Hong is going to have a baby as Jeb Bush hates Asians, but Hong dropping a 7th son would fit Jim Webb's other six kids nicely.

Jim Webb's PAC paid his wife and daughter tens of thousands

The Post is worried about Jim Webb and is trying to destroy him.......a CFR boy. That means someone on the inside is looking to nuke Webb before he gets traction.

What is interesting is Donald Trump just loves Jim Webb running as an Independent. That means that Mr. Trump has inside polling showing what this has always revealed in Jim Webb hurts the democrats more than the GOP or Mr. Trump.

Jim Webb had a very good debate in the Hillary Show. It can be rationalized, that with Bernie Sanders nuts voting on Drudge a hundred times each, that Webb probably won that debate for his limited air time in the Hillary Filibuster with Anderson Teabagger Cooper. Webb running as an Independent now is free to beat up the democrats to his heart's desire.

I believe I mentioned that I thought Jim Webb would make a very good Secretary of Defense for Donald Trump, and that might be behind the praise Mr. Trump heaped upon Jim Webb. If he reigns in the pro fag in the fox hole stuff, his defense policies have always been sound and good for America.

Look at the dynamics of this now, as you have not pondered them. Jim Webb is no longer necessary inside the democratic primaries. You got Hillary and the Humus of Bernie Sanders socializing, and then you got old Joe Biden looking to start a civil war in the DNC by entering the race.
This is going to be one nasty, malevolent and diabolical campaign between Hillary and Joe. When you have two devious creatures about to kill each other......you let them, and put your efforts into that rural democratic vote who will not vote lezbo or city slicker joe.

So that is the field as it opens again. War on the left. Jim Webb looking to be in no man's land, and President Donald Trump, with a bunch of IED GOPers looking to roadside Donald Trump for some foil like Marco Rubio to bow and scrape.
For all the talk of the Latin vote, you will notice in all of the leftist and rightist pasty white mic heads, the entire Mexican vote situation has vanished.....as this is about the fag billionaires who are led by the Ashkenaz.

Jim Webb would 'be wonderful as an independent,' Trump says

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb is dropping his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination and considering launching a campaign as an indepen…

Rubio is doing the job now, not on Trump, but sticking a knife in Jeb Bush's back. Even George W. likes the Rubio knife show. I am not going to start giving advice to Donald Trump as he has proven capable in all of this, but even though my Inquiry pointed to Rubio as Mr. Trump's Vice President, I do not like this hoser of the cartel. I still believe that Mr. Trump would be best served by that pretty white hispanic Governor from New Mexico.....strong on crime and tax cutting.
Female, hispanic and caucasian, governor, brings in New Mexico, looks like she is a good team player to serve a President, and easy to look at. That gets you votes.
I do not believe that Mr. Trump needs a strong foreign policy advocate as George W. Bush and Birther Hussein required in their VP's. Mr. Trump has been in international negotiations and a strong man like Jim Webb and perhaps Jeff Sessions of Alabama as Secretary of State, makes room for a VP nanny to shepherd in domestic programs.....put Sarah Palin to head Interior for drilling oil and managing wildlife resources, and the team starts coming together.

You have to watch my children and you little vagabonds stealing the crumbs off my plate from your mansions, how people are reacting and who. Jim Webb not a democrat brought out an attack from the New York press against a Rockefeller man...........and it brought praise from Donald Trump, as Jim Webb in the DNC and as an Independent is good for Americans and bad for democrats.

I had thought this election was going to be boring and I would not have to write anything as I had covered it all. Now with Jim Webb joining Donald Trump, Jeb Bush being gnawed on by Marco Rubio, and civil war about to break out among the democrats, as the GOP fags try to poison Mr. Trump...........this is beginning to be fun.

Only thing missing is Eddie Chiles. I miss Mr. Chiles and he would have been just the right sparkler to make this even Ronald Reagan better.

Nuff said