Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Flying Objects

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I desire to quantify this in I do not believe in aliens or UFO's. I believe these aliens are demons, and these craft are like the pyramids in demonic sacred geometry introductions meant to advance mankind to not needing God.

In saying that, when I was a child, about a quarter of a mile north of where I live, my neighbor was taking home his babysitter, who happened to be his neice, and there actually was a flying saucer sitting in the field as they drove by. It scared the hell out of them....he drove 90 miles an hour on a dirt road to get by the thing.
I always believed that was some of our Area 51 back engineered technology, as is most of what we come across now.

I preface this with tonight as I was checking the chickens and things, I looked up to the area where I saw my last flying light tracking north, and noticed what I thought was a commercial flight, going west to east.
Something about it seemed off again, so I looked closer, and it seemed to have more lights, including the light perhaps 4 times brighter than a star or than a commercial airliner.

I decided I was going to show Mom, to show I was not nuts, for proof......as TL was drying TL's hair and it would not do getting a wet head cold.

Problem with that, just as I was marking the trajectory with my hand on the porch door, the light just faded like it had been dimmed, and it just vanished.

No clouds in the sky.....it just vanished.

There was not any sound with this event, and that might not be that odd, as airliners do not project sound waves a great deal. It takes a military craft to howl that kind of noise to reach a wide signature mark.

One thing I am certain of, is it is illegal for aircraft to turn off their running lights, military or civilian, and whatever this was, turned off it's lights.

So that was my flying object........not a meteor or anything else. This was a flying object that just turned it's lights down in dimming them......again not something planes have installed as lights are on or off.

I hear from others in these events, and just post this, as all of this interests me.