Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Monsanto Death Machine


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was reading a report in Mother Jones about Monsanto stocks lost one quarter of their value, and how the corporations answer was to buy up their own stocks, and fire employees like Carly Fiorina.
What puzzles me in all of this anti Monsanto, is that Mother Jones had no problem when the Obama regime in one of it's first acts, was to pollute the raw sugar in America with a Monsanto fact track of their new Monsanto sugar beets dumped into the environment.

Their correspondent though did have these quotes from Monsanto and a translation, which is something Mother Jones did not focus on which is the real problem with where Monsanto is going.

In the call, Jeff Zekauskas, an analyst with JP MorganChase, asked Grant whether Monsanto was still interested in boosting its pesticide portfolio by buying a competitor. Grant's answer was essentially yes: "We still believe in the opportunity of integrated solutions," i.e., selling more pesticides along with seeds. He added:
We've got a 400 million acre seed technology footprint. We've seen time and time again that we can increase revenue and improve grower service by bringing chemistry up on that footprint.
Translation: Our patented seeds and traits are sown on 400 million acres worldwide (about four times the size of California), and if we could sell more pesticides (chemistry) to the people who farm those acres, we could make more money. Later, he noted:
We continue to see duplication in R&D in the sector. We continue to see the low effectiveness of R&D with some of our competitors and we continue to think that consolidation in this space is inevitable.
Translation: Research-and-development investments in the ag-biotech/agrichemical sector aren't paying off—not enough blockbuster new products—so the few companies remaining in the field (there are six) are going to start swallowing each other up.

What caught my attention about Monsanto is, something which I have covered here and the revelations of what it all means in Round Up is no longer working in farm fields, in weeds have naturally built up resistance to this chemical poison, and farmers are now concocting their own poison cocktails to deal with weeds, which are worse for the environment.

What the above insightful translation by Tom Philpott has missed is this reality which this corporation is admitting to. What I explain is, I had presumed as problems with Round Up had been know for over 15 years, that Monsanto was working on a replacement genetic in GMO crops, able to deal with a new scorched earth herbicide.
The above though reveals clearly that Monsanto and all of these other agribusiness companies have failed completely in creating a Round Up or GMO replacement duo. That is what the R&D failure means. They spent a fortune and came up blank. What I have learned and am trying to get a clarification from the EPA is the EPA aware that Monsanto is advocating the use of "super herbicide" cocktails which are turning America into a literal toxic waste dump.

Instead of trying to fix the problem, Monsanto has created, they have failed, and in failure, Monsanto has now moved to not just selling failed herbicides, but is now engaged in selling pesticides in mass dumps.

This should be another red flag, or a thousand red flags, as the GMO crops had built into them in corn, a Bt genetically modified organism, which allowed farmers the freedom to not have to spray for those noxious pests. If you notice the above from Monsanto as new conglomerate policy, this entity has failed at a GMO Round Up replacement, and now I ask you to think, if they have GMO's which kill bugs already........why in this world would Monsanto be gearing up to dump millions of gallons of deadly insecticides all across America?
The answer should logically be simple. Their Bt Corn has failed. The insects like the weeds have become super insects now, and it is going to take massive doses of poisonous pesticides to kill them, in order to raise these poison corn and soybean crops, for the industrial markets in China and America. These are not food products, but industrial agriculture which are about to turn all of America into a toxic waste dump.

That is the clarion call in this from the Monsanto admission of failure and their turning to pesticides. Yes another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, as no one is Inspired to see these revelations, being hidden by the Obama regime for their favorite conglomerates in the act now of ruling the world and exterminating or enslaving the world population.

In exposing this, I am saving you wealthy people again from the most abhorrent of deaths. I keep thinking you rich people would just once show some real gratitude in a mega donation, as I would think your life would be worth a tithe of 10 percent.

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