Saturday, October 24, 2015

Only Shoot People With Cooked Carrots


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was reading this story of this Afroid trying to rape a teacher in South Carolina, but the teacher kicked the rapist in the nuts and then bit off his tongue, to end the assault..........and then I came across this story of a 14 year old who tossed a baby carrot at a former teacher, she saw in the hall........hit the diploma recipient in the head, and was charged with assaulting the teacher with a weapon.

CBS had their local legal expert on and stated this:

“If it’s a soft carrot, it may not be as offensive,” said CBS 6 legal expert Todd Stone. “But if it’s a raw carrot, you don’t have to have an injury or show you were hurt to prove a battery. It just has to be an offensive, vindictive touch. That’s what the law says.”

I am wondering about all of this now. If this rapist Afroid had a soft cock, would that not be offensive.........except to him in being the carrot being soft might not be offensive in an assault?

I do not know if the rapist was in the raw or not, meaning nude, so does a limp dick on a naked rapist mean assault or is it rape means rape whether a carrot is clothed or not?

I wonder in this, if like someone donates a 1000 bucks.........make it 1400 as I need front tires on the pickup and I buy a pink handgun, and put on it soft grips, and load it with soft bullets or what if I cook my bullets..........I think the Betty Crocker cookbook says bullets are best prepared by steaming 20 minutes, or 7 minutes at 10 pounds of steam, would that mean that my intentions if I shoot someone would not be considered offensive, as long as my bullets are not raw?

I once heard of a kid who threw a teacher out a window for being a prick. I don't know of any teachers who bit off rapists tongues though as that was not part of our education. I did notice that numbers of teachers in having to deal with nine months of me went into new occupations though.

 For some reason these two children assaulting their teachers seem a bit like, one is a rape and the other is not a rape. For some reason, both children were not shot multiple times by police who were summoned. I can not understand this as cops seem to like shooting people whether they deserve it or not.

I think as image Obama has not taken to the podium to declare his outrage over black penises and baby carrots used  in assaults, that we should just get rid of the  cops with guns, and arm all the teachers. It would help society greatly in saving time.
A kid gets an F, just shoot them as they will be on welfare and we can get Mexicans to replace them.
A kid gets a hard on class, because Miss Titwister is never wearing a bra, just shoot the Afroid, as it saves him going to her home and getting his tongue bit off.
A kid gets a carrot weapon, and the teacher just shoots the kid, as the parent is just going to stick up for the kid who is out of control......probably be some rapist lesbian in college any way.

Obviously as Planned Parenthood is letting too many kids escape from the womb, we just need all these college educated experts in child psychology armed with guns, as they are not smart enough to deal with the delinquents in America now. It would save the police shooting them later.

I wonder now if I cook my carrots and put an epoxy case around them, if that is a legal assault weapon or if it proves I have compassion for carrot bullets in protecting them from damage.

I remember a time when teachers were always right, even when they were assholes, and kids did everything they could to stay away from those worthless culls, as when you got into trouble, your parents made you long for a bullet from them to end the punishment.

Maybe the way to handle all of this is for the Obama regime to just hand out handguns to children on the first day of school, and tell them, this is an intelligence injector, all you do is point it and pull that trigger and it will load enough information into your heads, so you never have to go to school again.
The kids that do it, are the ones who throw the carrots and rape the teachers, and the ones who don't do it, are given diplomas for being educated enough in life to survive. Pay Planned Parenthood for the ones who pull the triggers and everyone will be most parents do not like their kids anyway, so pay them for the loss and everyone wins.

Otherwise we are just going to have more dumb as in mute rapists running home to mummy to make police calls about their being assaulted and other mothers on the phone looking to sentence their own children to lesser punishments than the death penalty.

Until there is a test to be able to abort all liberals in the womb, we are just going to have to abort them out of the womb, in schools by a first day Darwin IQ test. It has to be the first day though, because by the second day every kid wants to shoot themselves.