Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I Feel Your Rape From My Painted Nail

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was thinking of Davy Crockett and a coonskin cap........that would be a raccoon killed and skinned out, and shooting Mexican imperialists at the Alamo.

I was thinking of Teddy Roosevelt and his Medicine Gun.

Then the fictions of the Lone Ranger and a silver bullet to John Wayne and his Winchester.

All manly things..........you know like guns, fists, beards, fur and things like that to promote the greater good.

That is why I do not quite get Josh Brodigan in the Right Wing News in featuring this dude named Eliot Costello, who coming across some Asian girl who was sex raped or something, came up with this solution of painting one of his man nails with nail polish........to send a message of some sort of solidarity with sex raped or something females in Obamaworld.

As a female, I sort of think of manly things like muscle, guns, big knives etc... as sort of comforting things to kick the fuck........I mean that literally out of sex deviants, so they stop raping others with their vulvas or penises.

I thought this Josh guy might have been joshing in satire in this, but dude started out with this quote:

"Generally speaking, you would think a man with one fingernail painted would be a sign of a hipster living in Brooklyn with an ironic beard and drinking a pumpkin spice latte. Instead, it actually has a much more important meaning…"

I apologize in this, but if I see a dude with a painted fingernail, I would not think he was hip or of pumpkin things, but of concluding he was some fucking deviant pervert advertising to rape some child. See when I see a guy with a polished gun I think, "Well there is a good guy who will blast the fuck out of some deviant who should not be breeding in the first place".

I do not know if it is the city boys wearing beards and shades like Josh Brodigan, whose minds are Obama fucked in watching examples like Tom Hanks saving his privates for ryan, that have lost what being a man is.........so they think it is acceptable in a man putting on effeminate fag stuff as something which is to be considered, instead of condemned.

I never saw Roy Rogers stopping for a shampoo or Ronald Reagan parading around with polished nails to show his solidarity with the people behind the Soviet Iron Gulag. Real men just do things manly, and not wearing Dale Evans scarves or Nancy Reagan's underwear.

I conclude that what else could you expect from someone named Elliot mixing in a Macaroni Italian fag last name, but a Polished Man Organization, with one thinking the focus is on the little penis organ between their legs.

It is now a world where the males who are supposed to be the heroes are the ones wearing the same Obama lip gloss, so you can't tell who is the freak in the room.

I am more comfortable with something like The Big Fucking Gun Organization To Blow Your Fucking Head Off For Fucking Raping People. There really is not much doubt in that kind of title in what they are about, and it probably, unlike the NEA and the Vatican being a haven for fucking perverts, would scare all the deviants from ever joining, as nail polish does not go off from other members to cull the fucking perverts from the organization.
Why the military always shoots it's traitors.

So any way, Elliot Costello and Josh Brodigan, should be scorned as their brains are all fucked up. The world does not need more fag looking males or male who do not recognize  that males looking like fag perverts "doing good deeds" help no one, but are part of the problem.

Nuff Said.