Sunday, October 25, 2015

Frac The Obama Debt

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Harold Hamm of Big Frac has been bouncing around an idea to retire the Obama national debt, and it is simple:

Drill for oil on 20% of the People's Lands or BLM Federal Lands, and the revenues from this oil, marketed to the Eurasians will balance the books in divesting them of all the money looted from Americans.

I agree with this solution, as it is a hell of allot better than Jeb Bush telling us to work to death, Bernie Sanders telling us to get high and not care, Hillary Clinton intimating we should all get a Huma to lick us or Ben Carson telling us that working 11 dollars an hour for under poverty wages for the entire year.

This is something Donald Trump as President would be able to promote, and at least it would give Sarah Palin something to do, which she has some experience in, in drilling for oil.

So you understand this, America has more oil, gas and coal than the world combined, and it is over a 200 year supply even if we all drove around like the Dukes of Hazzard.

I am not going to set Donald Trump policy nor suggest it, but I do advocate this policy, with full understanding that government spending is not going to be just capped, but reduced, along with the other tax measures Mr. Trump has advocated.

Americans should be able like Col. Khadaffi's Libyans, in sharing in on oil revenues, as in free things given to us......and not the bullshit of expensive funding for big contractors soaking up all of those funds. That should be worked into this measure in settling the national debt and not working Americans to death.

This policy joins exactly to the Lame Cherry economic policy I put forward when John McCain and Sarah Palin were having the election stolen from them, and it entails one major component of George Washington open trade policy.
There is a great world war brewing out there now due to Obama. This Great Eurasian War which this blog has written of and warned of, will have America involved, and America should not be involved in the fighting as those horrid socialist Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt slaughtered and robbed Americans for the rich few.
What America must do in order to protect herself is simply this, America produces oil for all sides, and all sides will understand not to bomb  the goose laying the golden oil eggs keeping them all alive. George Washington advocated cleaning up in war trade among the Europeans, and prospering all Americans, and retiring our debt, having an equal access on America can not care what happens to the oil after it is off our ships.

This is sound policy and the Lame Cherry puts it forward in the correct stance. Big Frac will pay Americans for their oil in serving Americans. Government will pay the debt and not increase spending, but decrease it. Americans will be saved from global nuclear war in being providers of global oil supply.

This drilling will bankrupt terror oil  and place Russia on a more manageable leash.

Win Win Win, Frac the Obama Debt Away.

Nuff said.