Sunday, October 25, 2015

The One Minute Speech


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Before there was a Jamie Gorelick 9 11 and before there was a Birther Obama, there was Democrat Congressman James Traficant of Ohio. I post here his prophetic one minute speech before the House and how many trillions of your dollars and how many millions of Mexicans have been imported to genocide you since that memorable day.

There are absolutely no Democrats in Congress like James Traficant and regrettably, there are no Republicans either.

July 20, 2000
Mr. Speaker, a study finally admits, and I quote, `America's borders are so wide open, terrorists could easily smuggle a nuclear bomb across both our borders.' Think about it, 3 million illegal immigrants, heroin and cocaine by the tons, and now a report that further says it is so bad in some areas orange cones are used like scarecrows with no border patrol presence at all.

Unbelievable. We have soldiers vaccinating dogs in Haiti, while terrorists can bring nukes across our border. Beam me up here. Who master-minded this policy? The Proctologist Association of North America? 

Mr. Speaker, I yield back a disaster waiting to happen on the borders of the United States of America with a Congress sleeping at the switch.

Congressman Traficant was targeted and destroyed politically in making too many enemies in the cartel and thrown into prison.

Anyone with any intellect at all, should be able to conclude how Donald Trump is America's last chance to revive these murdered disUnited States of America.