Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hillary Clinton: The Weakest Link

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When people say things to Hillary Clinton, "I knew Bill Clinton and you are no Bill Clinton", on the right there is a "Thank God!!!!!", and on the left, "There is confusion to what it means", but in reality the Lame Cherry will translate that phrase for all to understand, because it is important, and it is why the Clinton's were always walking into the traps coordinated by the right and the left.......the right for revenge on stealing the Presidency from George H. W. Bush, and the left, for not losing and giving them the godfather of all their dreams, in New York Governor, Mario Cuomo.

The Clintons for all their instinct and intelligence, were some of the most childlike and naive of people to ever occupy 1600 Penn Avenue. This past track record is important in this, as the Washington Post, New York Times, LA Tribune, FOX, CNBC and CNN are not going to tell you this story, in they are not being handed the scripts, and the old titans of the Post and 60 Minutes are long dead, and the replacements have no comprehension of intelligence, as in CIA Mockingbird, effective reporting.

I stated in a quote this, "The best political asset that Bill Clinton had was Hillary Clinton, and the worst political asset Bill Clinton had was, Hillary Clinton", and this all rings absolutely true and it pertains to the 2016 Presidential run, and why the 2012 Presidential run was handed over to Birther Hussein Obama.

We all can read the reality of Hillary Clinton in 2015, marching into image Obama's office and yelling at him, "Barack back the fuck off! Stop sabotaging my campaign", when it comes to Emailgate, but it loses what is behind all of this, and this all started in 1992.

The Lame Cherry has been the only source which linked 1992 to 2016 as like election years and cycles. The link is the Clinton's and it begins with Gennifer Flowers, the lover of Bill Clinton, among others.
When the bimbo stories broke, George Stevens AKA Stephanopoulos was front and center as an eyewitness in the account, as he was dragged into it and smeared. He records this in All Too Human, and when Patton wanted to understand Rommel, Patton read the book, and that is why God provided this book in a throw away box for the information in it, as no one wanted to read it any more.....or ever as it appears brand new.

Stephanopoulos was called upon to lie to the press, which he unknowinging did and spun a story of lies, in a web of lies in the vast right wing and left wing conspiracy. Instead of coming clean, the first words Stevens heard in the background in a phone call with Mr. Clinton was, "We have to destroy her."....and they did along with all the other women by James Carvell calling them all trailer park trash that you couldn't drag money down the alley without them following it.

The point is, the Clintons could have come clean, but stonewalled, and Hillary Clinton was the source on the fighting back.
Into this were two weaknesses, in Bill Clinton would read reports and with delight point out the fallacies in them, and be delighted in his lawyer mind that there were lies in the story. The point being that Bill Clinton never comprehended that the public loves the sensational part, and quit listening when the refuting of the story begins, so the damage is done, and keeps being done as you keep stonewalling and fighting the story, which is what the press desires.
The second weakness was Susan Thomases, Hillary's skirt bearer protector lawyer friend, who pounced on all, and backbit everyone she thought was a problem for Hillary.

As an example, Stephanopoulos was tired after weeks of 18 hour days, and he was a gentleman in letting Thomases ride back with him, but then did not paint this woman's toe nails and fawn over her thoughts, because he was tired. The next day, Bill hauled Stevens into the urinal to read him the riot act as Hillary had heard about the dismissiveness of Stevens and was furious.
Clinton told the boy, "Look George you are young. You got to listen to these women and pretend you are interested in what they are saying and act like you like them".

Stevens did just that, but a woman's scorn never lessens and is always there simmering ready to boil over, when they do something stupid again.

Stephanopoulos would defend Clinton on the bimbos, draftgate, hairgate, and the devil knows what, but during the perio when Bill Clinton's mum passed away, along with Somalia, Russia and Haiti, there appeared Whitewater.
This story had been vetted, but it was coming back and Stevens did not pay attention as he was busy doing other things on Hillarycare, but the press kept pressing, and Hillary was stonewalling again as this was her crooked finances in kickbacks.

It came to a point when David Gergen, the insightful political laison joined with Stevens one morning to strong arm Bill Clinton to handing over everything to the press and settle it. They had convinced Clinton, but he had to think about it he said, which meant try to convince Hillary to do it. By the Hillary conversation, it was back to refusal to comply with the press requests, who had been quite accomodating for the Clintons, to the point of the press Obama got in clearing stories, and from that other revelations began appearing in other crimes, and soon it was Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole demanding a Special Prosecutor.

Stevens said this was all coming, so the Clintons should still hand things over as it as going to take place anyway, as the Post said, there really was nothing in this scandal newsworthy in giving the Clinton's cover.
That though was not the case in a meeting Stephanopoulos was having with a dozen Clinton appointees in the Chief of Staff's office. Stevens was complaining about the mistakes they had made in not dealing with Whitewater, when who should appear but Hillary Clinton like a lightning strike with this thunder bolt:

"WELL, I THINK THIS IS A MEETING I SHOULD BE AT!!!!" and with that planted herself on a couch glaring at all the little lemmings daring to challenge her.

Stephanopoulos was screwed and no one else was going to say anything, so he laid out the scenario of Special Counsels to Special Prosecutors. To that Hillary was furious as Stevens had promised if they released the files, that Congress would stop. New revelations though in crime had spurred Congress on.
It degraded to Hillary ordering them to suck it up and go over the cliff, and then she started bawling on the couch, ranting some more, and then this slam came at Stephanopoulos:

"You never believed in us! In New Hampshire (Gennifer Flowers), it was only Susan (Thomases) and I with Harold (Ickes) who believed in us. If we wouldn't have fought, we would never have won. You gave up on us. We were out there alone, and I'm feeling very lonely right now. Nobody is fighting for me!!!!!"

Ickes tried to interject something at the rant at this point, but Hillary snapped to them all:

I don't want to hear anything more! I want us to fight, I want a campaign now! If you don't believe in us (Stephanopoulos), you should just leave!!!!!"

With that  Hillary Clinton stalked out of the room. The entire Clinton staff was stunned and when Stevens was sure Hillary was gone down the hall, he got up to leave too, to staff trying to comfort him in at least he tried to save them.

This then melded to a delighted Bill Clinton, once again reading the newspaper accounts, in noting all the false information in them, when the problem was the public was believing all of the information and the story was spun out of control, by the Hillary demanding they fight it.
The reality is, the Times and Post would have covered for Clinton, this would have just been a Limbaugh Mockingbird event on the right, if the Clintons had just not fought this. There would not have been the movement for a Special Prosecutor, which is what Kenneth Star was in Monica Lewinsky........another story which would have gone away, if the other tide of stories had not built to a tidal wave.

The above history dovetails exactly into Emailgate. Once again, you have Hillary Clinton plotting some intelligence operation, and getting caught as her left wing cover is feeding the story the right wing picks up. The Obama regime is fueling this with Jeb Bush to sink Hillary Clinton.
One notes the same pattern of stonewalling and cover ups, and none of it is working, as it continues to weaken Hillary Clinton as Bernie Sanders sucks the life out of the young liberal voters from the much needed body politic of Hamrod Clinton.

There was also Bill Clinton once again out running the old story of blaming the right wing, which in effect from Benghazi to everything else has been in Congress giving Obama cover, as you will remember years ago Darrell Issa promised he would stop Obama in his investigations, and that still has not happened.

This is the Hillary Clinton pattern. She is her own worst enemy, and she has no David Gergen or George Stephanopoulos to protect her from herself. All Hillary Clinton has are Obama spies she hired on the advice of Bill Clinton to suck up talent, which are financially bleeding her dry now in a top heavy campaign, and Huma Wiener who is the lesbian lightning rod of embezzlement crimes in having Hillary extort money for her in salaries and perks.
It is a preview of the Hillary Clinton Presidency as this woman has not learned one lesson. She has always been overblown in being a Rockefeller mole going after Richard Nixon on Watergate and being fired for it. She is one hell of a trench warfare assassin, when that is called for, but she has absolutely no comprehension into nuance in dealing with political disasters, and the Clintons seem absolutely childlike in their being naive over finances. They appear like Halloween children with 10 bags of candy, and reaching for one more off the Walmart display and not equating it with shoplifting. They just keep taking in money that looks like kickbacks and Hillary just keeps plotting in ways she thinks are clever, and it becomes things like Whitewater and Emailgate.
Emailgate is a large issue as this is a criminal issue which Mrs. Clinton can go to prison over, as she has absolutely violated secrecy laws, and if she somehow steals this from a GOP trying to politically assassinate Donald Trump, there is going to be another repeat of impeachment hearings and a trial that will remove her from office, as there are a number of hungry Democrats just looking like Elizabeth Warren to be President as Mario Cuomo and Bob Kerry were.

There is no getting away from this reality, and this is the last thing America needs in the Obama Abyss, of four more years of sodomy and investigations as America is dead, and Vladimir Putin is the rising star established on the global stage.

For Democrats, the best you have is Donald Trump, whose policies are close to those Bill Clinton enacted one Newt Gingrich's Contract With America to right the American ship of state. He is the answer when the Jebcavers are not.
I will state again, that there is not a Newt Gingrich, David Gergen or a William Cohen to moderate Hillary Clinton. She is her own weak link and those around her are dead weight, starting with Huma Wiener and her cadre of Obama spies sabotaging her.

The left does not seem functional enough to come to this reality, and their puppy press is not informing their ignorant masses. The Clinton magic is gone, because the fires of Rahm Emanuel are grey and James Carville likes napping now more than spinning one liners.

It is the history of Hillary Clinton being the worst political operative in always going scorched earth that condemns her present, and sentences her future along with America to more of this torment, for if it is not Emailgate, there are going to be a half dozen other things she has walked into that the right and left wing are going to destroy her over.

That is the sadness in this, that the legacy of Bill Clinton is going to be remembered by the crippled campaigns of Hillary Clinton as much as the gimpy wimpy campaign of Jeb Bush ruining the two legacies of George Herbert Walker Bush and George W. Bush.

"Mrs. Bill Clinton needs a Dick Morris resurrecting her, and not a Huma Wiener screwing her over."

- Lame Cherry

Nuff said.