Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Gram goin' after senile Gramps

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Seriously, I hope that Aarron Burr Biden gets into this race, as for what he did to Lawrence Sinclair in locking him in a dungeon in DC and taking away Mr. Sinclair's disability, while having Delaware threaten the first Political Prisoner with life imprisonment for not committing a crime, is  something that the scales of justice have yet to balance out, and Hillary Clinton is just the person to do it.

The problem in this, is not that Hillary Clinton is not the best at search and destroy of bimbos, but that this is going to breathe fire into the Democratic primary in this thirst for blood fight which is going to be a problem for Donald Trump, in not taking all 50 states in a landslide.
Mr. Trump will win in a landslide, but be denied states like California as this press will generate the maniacs on the left to turn out and vote in this pump up the volume campaign.

If you care to review this, I pointed to the Elizabeth Warren intrigue, and believe I mentioned her as Biden's VP, which has been what this has been about all along. The story will be brain slosh Biden will bill himself as a one term to put a first woman into the White House in Elizabeth Warren. That is what Warren's finance bills and her Black Lives Matter speech were about, and no one can not agree with what Warren told blacks, that the police should be the one with monitors on them to keep them in check.

I like all of this as Grandma Clinton needed this jolt to her pacemaker. A little assassination of opponents is a good thing, as beating up old communist Bernie Sanders would just make her look bad, but beating the hell out of Joe Biden, people would enjoy. Nothing like an Obama VP and an Obama Sex of State going at it in blood sports.

So it will be Grey and Greyier on the Biden Warren ticket and Hillary, Huma and that Castro coloration pigmenting it brown in the Hamrod camp.

I mean who in this, is not going to enjoy Gram Hillary cutting of Biden's old shriveled up ball sack, in lieu of Obama's are in cold storage under 1600 Penn Avenue.

"When you are politically losing, start a war to deflect attention to your frailness."

- Lame Cherry

The Clintons lived by this, and Hillary just is more likable when she is being a snarky bitch. It hides she is a snarky bitch so liberals forget that she is a snarky bitch.

I raised some popcorn this year. I intend to now enjoy this in the Hillary Cage Match.

Come into the race Joe Biden. Do not be afraid. Lawrence Sinclair laughing in the balcony is nothing to be distracted by.......come on Joe, run Joe run.