Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Nuclear Terror Zone


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The triad of image Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain promoting these regime sponsored terrorists calling themselves ISIS is now come to a point of insanity, which will turned Europe into scorched earth and America into a nuclear waste, as Senator John McCain is now demanding that FIM 92 Stinger surface to air missiles be handed over to ISIS terrorists to blow Russian fighter jets bombing ISIS out of Syria.

So you get this point, some may think this resonates from President Ronald Reagan's arming of the Muhajadeen in Afghanistan to drive out the Soviet invaders, but there is a vast difference in the Stingers which Ronald Reagan sent to fight the Soviets, to President Vladimir Putin rescuing Syrians, which includes the last free Christians in the Mideast, and that is the actuality of war.

In Afghanistan the Stinger was utilized to neutralize Soviet attack helicopters who were hunting down Muhajadeen fighters hauling supplies in mountain trails, who were sitting ducks. The Stingers were used to drive the Russian Migs aloft and to harass Soviet regime flights, making Soviet occupation a costly and miserable hell.
If Stingers are introduced to Syria, it will have no effect on the ground battle as the Russian fighters are flying about ceiling already and helicopters are a rare commodity. Introduce Stingers to Syria, and as Pat Buchanan correctly deduced, commercial planes are going to be shot down, and the number one  target in the Mideast will be El Al flights out of Tel Aviv by the Jews.

"The end result of McCain's initiative, sending Stingers to Syria, could be airliners blown out of the sky across the Middle East," the analyst warns.

This is going to be far worse than what Mr. Buchanan has projected out, because what do you project will be the Russian reaction when their pilots are murdered by American Stingers run by American terrorists out of 1600 Penn Avenue?

How long do you think it will be, before some Stinger mock ups from Asia start appearing outside US oversea bases knocking American jets out of the sky?
How long before a mysterious Sunburn hypersonic missile appears and with one kill shot blows 5000 Americans and a US Aircraft Carrier out of the water and to the bottom of the ocean?

It is called escalation. The Americans humiliated the Soviets in Afghanistan. Humiliated the Russians in the end of the Soviet empire. Humiliated Russia in having them abandon their ally in Saddam Hussein. Humiliated Russia by blowing the hell out of their allies in Christian Serbia in the Kosovo War.

Care to know what the Russian response was? The KGB sold nuclear warheads to Iraq and Iran. The Russians are now taking back Ukraine with force. The Obama regime has been jerking Vladimir Putin's chain for years, and he is in Syria. So all of what the Lame Cherry warned of in Mr. Putin retaliating on Americans is going to be a complex reality. Now Mr. Putin has been in all American regime computers due to Hillary Clinton's email server being the open portal for all of Obama's former friend he has screwed over.

For McCain and Clinton advocating terrorists to murder Russian pilots is an escalation which will shed gallons of American blood.

And what happens when the Obama regime retaliates or does not retaliate? Retaliation means war and not retaliating mean more Russian aggression as their pilots are dead.

Do not expect any savior to ride in or God to save America from this as your messiah Obama set this all in motion. As you will notice that except for Pat Buchanan, this blog and a few others, there are no diplomats available to deal with this, as the cartel has engineered this for another Great Eurasian War.