Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Your Nuclear Hell Inferno

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What the world is glimpsing a view of for the first time, since George W. Bush, is what a world leader looks like and acts like, in President Vladimir Putin of Russia.

Currently, Russian fighter jets have invaded Turkish NATO airspace which is a deliberate international FUCK YOU, to the Americans who richly deserve it.....and every real terrorist just noted it too for your death inside America for all the imports you now have prowling among you.

• NATO chief: Russian jets in Turkish airspace no accident

Vladimir Putin already had a righteous chip on his shoulder, for George W. Bush lying to him as this blog exclusively reported. Then there was Hillary Clinton in that stupid 'reset' button.

Then there was Barack Hussein Obama. The fraud of 1600 Penn Avenue who looked the other way when the Polish Government was assassinated on Russian soil as Obama handed Poland over to Russia....and then Ukraine, so Obama could change the Mideast to communist Isalm.
Then there were the murderous rampages of Obama and the US military across the globe, and Vladimir Putin saw it all, and finally in Syria, he said, "ENOUGH".

For that Mr. Putin had operations to humiliate him at the Sorchi Olympics, and a coup attempt by image Obama were 200 American nationals were thrown out for plotting to assassinate Vladimir Putin.

Mr. Putin has been maligned over jets being shot down over Ukraine by that zealot Samantha Powers of Ireland working in the United Nations, impugning the reputation of President Putin.

Then of course we have the Rush Limbaugh, Big Koch and Big Frac, group who tried to destroy Russia, by getting Saudi Arabia to plunge oil prices, and Vladimir Putin survived as did Russia.
There was the Limbaugh smears of Putin was a thug, then there was Homo Hannity in calling Mr. Putin a gangster, along with the current cartel boy, Marco Rubio.

Given all of those murderous plots, all of those economic war attacks upon Russia, is it an wonder that Mr. Putin is stabilizing his borders in Syria, in an ally, to keep Europe from being Islamic imploded, and is now entering Turkish airspace with a message for NATO and the Obama regime.

Let the Lame Cherry translate what this Russian fighters in Turkey means. It means that Mr. Putin is sending a message, that Turkey immediately is going to cease arming Obama ISIS terrorists in Syria, and running Obama operations.
If Turkey continues to enable Obama mass murder in Syria, then Turkish bases are going to be obliterated.

You can check the archives. This blog in satire, but the ring of fact, stated in helping the Obama regime in how to deal with Mr. Putin. You find hot women for him, you validate the fact that he is a great leader, and that would have satisfied Mr. Putin, to grow old and lazy. Now though Sean Hannity and Marco Rubio, with the Obama regime, have just created the first war flight of World War IV, and it is the American elites fault and responsibilty, not Vladimir Putins.
Mr. Putin saw what wretched criminals America was ruled by, and he has absolutely no respect for this kind of trash, as he has been exterminating traitors like this in Russia for decades.

Now there is a problem and Donald Trump's policy is now being proven as the one which must be followed in talking with Mr. Putin, and allowing Russia to blow off steam and become moral world leaders in saving Syria from Obama mass murder there.

You will notice, as this blog predicted just days ago, that this is going to be played as another Vietnam for Russia in sucking Russia into Syria. That is not the case in the least, as the Obama faux terrorists are worthless, and Russia will smash them. Syria IS NOT Afghanistan mountains with supply routes from Pakistan. Syria is a place perfect for Russian advanced combat.

I told all of you that Russia is going to secure it's flanks and fronts, and this will link up with Iran, in northern Iraq is going to be rescued too. Turkey is being warned off, and if they do not comply, Vladimir Putin has mobs of Chechen and Caucasus Mountain Islamic terrorists he can deport for a little civil war in Turkey, where they can get their hands on Obama nukes in Turkish hands.

Do you get now why you do not rouse the Russian bear, and why this blog has been praying that Vladimir Putin become the Cyrus to protect eastern Christians from the anti Christ? Mr. Putin can become a force for evil as much as good. All of this can unleash the Great Eurasian War I have been warning of, and it is Sean Hannity's fault as much as the Obama regime.

In serious assessment, Russia could take the entire Mideast in days. Russia now has Iran on the east, a major base in Syria, and is selling military equipment to it's old ally, Egypt. Egypt destroyed by the Obama regime.

In 3 weeks, Russia can annex Europe, even with Amerian Star Wars. Russia will break the NATO line in a day at Prague, and not stop until NATO is nothing but enclaves with blood in the Rhine.

The worst is what awaits America and Europe now due to the Obama regime's abaddon policy of destroying the world. It makes more sense now when in reverse speech one hears Obama and Bush "burning down Europe" as a policy of these elite of the cartel.

The best can be though, if President Putin becomes the protector of Christians and the force of stability in the Mideast, which is now a nuclear diaster. Mr. Putin can be the stand against the anti Christ and anti Messiah forces in the west, which are a whordom against all things Luther, Calvin and Washington.

The apostacy is now in the West, and we need Vladimir Putin to become a Christian Star in the East, where other Christian leaders from Paris, Berlin, DC and London can arise to prosecute the Obama nation rapists bringing the world to a feudal end.

I revisit Homo Hannity and Marco Rubio, along with Rush Limbaugh again. How do you now deal with President Vladimir Putin as your backers were intent on stealing Russian oil, and had you calling him a gangster? Mr. Putin is not going to be in the most welcome of moods after your playing the fools now is he?

The West has a disaster on it's hands, and it is going to have to burn out for some time, as President Donald Trump is over a year away, the Lord willing. It now hinges on the moral restraint of Vladimir Putin, in not  humiliating America too much in retaliation over all that has been done to Russia, when people like Mark Levin joined liberals and said, that Obama could not be impeached.

Who was right now? Donald Trump, the Birthers, the Lame Cherry, Lt Col. Terry Lakin, Orly Taitz, or the elite who worked deals for Obama bribes, which has brought the world to this point.

I can tell you right now, that Vladimir Putin has Obama Jinn running scared. NATO can only sound tough, as if Russia turns west, it annexes the West. There are no diplomats involved in any of this, and America desperately needs a diplomat now, in a group wresting foreign policy from the Obama regime until January 2017 to deal with this situation.

Lame Cherry has been proven correct again in another matter anti matter exclusive. To you rich donors who should donate that 1/10th tithe as the Bible directs, the clock is ticking as nuclear ashes just became a nuclear hell inferno year closer today.