Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ben Carson Another Afroid Moron

It is fitting today that the Lame Cherry laid out the REAL HISTORY of Germany before Adolf Hitler in exposing the legislative  fact that it was communist secular "Jews" and the Catholic center in the German Republic who deprived all Germans of gun rights, and it was one of the first acts of Adolf Hilter and the National Socialist to return all gun rights to Germans, INCLUDING JEWS.

So when Ben Carson exposes his ignorance in blaming Adolf Hitler for disarming Jews, the fact is Jews served in the Reich of Adolf Hitler and fought for Germany. The "Jews" that Hitler's Brown Shirts were fighting in the streets were communists, in agents of Moscow.


Those are the facts, and it was the Jewish elders, the leftists who sold their ghetto masses to be forced labor of the Reich. That is what the Concentration camps were, not death camps.
I have gone over this enough times in the propaganda, that it was the Americans bombing German supply lines, which created the starvation and disease epidemics in the work camps, not the Germans, as they needed these workers to be producing for the Reich.

For the record, there were numbers of camps, and not all held Jews. The French, Czechs etc... all had forced labor camps working for the Reich. That can be debated in it being inhumane, but it is what history had always accomplished in empires..........just like FDR putting Japanese into camps or forcing American Indians into camps to produce products.

On October 8, Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson lamented the actions through which Adolf Hitler rendered the Jewish people defenseless and he contended that armed Jews could have curtailed the Holocaust.

Carson said, “I think the likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed. I’m telling you there is a reason these dictatorial people take the guns first.”

Here are the FACTS of the Adolf Hitler National Socialist gun reforms of 1938:

These are the details of Adolf Hitler's Gun Laws for Germans:

People under 18 could not buy firearms.

People mentally retarded or incompetent.

Gypsies or vagabonds.

Criminals on parole

Persons guilty of treason.

People guilty of misdemeanors sentenced to more than 2 weeks in prison.
Jews were not mentioned in the reforms, because Jews were protected gun owners according to German Law.

I am interested in the Truth, and Ben Carson has shown himself to be a historical moron. Hitler did not disarm Jews. Hitler armed Jews. It was the Jewish leftists who disarmed Germans as Obama attempts to disarm all Americans, and it is the same leftist elite who sold Jews into work camps, in the same way that Obama's leftists are selling Latins to death camps and Blacks to Planned Parenthood Mengele experiment labs.

Those are the facts. That is what I deal with at the Lame Cherry, and I have nothing but utter contempt with each passing day for this ignorant quasi intellectual Afroid moron in Ben Carson.

This doctor leaves sponges in patient's brains......he does not belong in the GOP leadership as he is an absolute fool.

Ben Carson owes Americans, Germans and Adolf Hitler an apology for lying about the facts for political gain.

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