Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Nuclear Crusades


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

An American on Facebook on September 15th, posted the following which I grabbed, as it Inspired me:

There's gonna be some butthurt libbies at the partisan brawl soon. One of those morons posted something stupid about how Donald Trump's gonna start a new crusades in the middle east. My response was yeah, somebody's gonna have to and it may as well be him. Under Trump we'd actually win a fucking war for a change instead of this pussyfooting we've been doing the last 30 years.

I could only "like" it as Facebook was freezing everything in for some reason not appreciating the account I was lurking under. I can not give credit to the brilliant quote as enough people have problems with me around, but this must be addressed.

After 9 11, Sam Cohen, the Father or the Neutron Bomb, and the Godfather of Ronald Reagan's Star Wars which was indeed built as a part of skynet under the Bush41 regime and is in operation today, advocated that several existing nuclear warheads be converted to neutron warheads, as an effective way of dealing with all of the 9 11 Islamofascist and Islamocommunist sponsors.
This was deemed too drastic, but as the years have progressed, the reality is Sam Cohen was correct. The entire Islamic militant terror network would have been burned alive by neutrons, and only cost a hundred million dollars, instead of the 1 trillion dollars bankrupting America.

The reality is, as I have stated. The person who next is in the American White House, is going to have to unleash massive strikes of WMD's to neutralize billions of enemy workers and soldiers.


I state this plainly, America is going to embark on a Nuclear Crusade and that is a fact. Only in the exclusives here has it been pointed out how American insiders are preparing, in ordering the Obama regime to drill Gulf oil, to replace oil supply in Russia and the Mideast. That oil is not going anywhere, so it means that oil is going to be not available. Radiation absorbs into metals and those metals remain radioactive. Entire infrastructures are going to be nuclear poison, including the oil.

America is being led again into a cartel war. It should be settled in the ignorant mind, that what is coming is a Nuclear Crusade, and it is the Obama regime's doing in handing out nukes like it did bows to foreigners. There is no alternative, and a President Trump is going to have to use WMD's in order to survive, as there are not enough capital resources in lead, steel and copper to eliminate billions of foreign enemies. The only effective method will be Sam Cohen's Neutron Doctrine. Kill the human entities quickly without destroying the environment or structures, for later use and exploitation.

That is something which requires to be understood as the tourists are beginning to catch up in the World War IV thing I have been predicting for years. You now have the knowledge of the Nuclear Crusade.
Do you understand it though.

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