Saturday, October 10, 2015

Once Turkey is Plucked


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Suicide bombings kill 95 people at Ankara peace rally...
Video captures moment of explosion...
Turkey Imposes News Blackout...
Protesters clash with police after ambulances 'blocked'...

The bombing in Turkey is an event which I have warned of as all the world intertwines. The Obama regime if you recall, installed radical Islam into Turkey, and Turkey has been an arms, training and money funnel to Obama's ISIS terrorists in Syria.

The Edomites have a long history of brutality, in the genocide of the Armenians to the repression of the Kurds. No one likes the Turks from the Greeks, the Jews, the Syrians, the Slavs, the were these Sultans who raped and enslaved these peoples for centuries.
It was these Edomites who were let into Jerusalem in the 70 AD siege by Rome, who then embarked on a rape, rob and murder spree against Jews inside the city.

That is the backdrop of the Kurdish retaliation in Ankara. Place Obama terrorists all through the region raping and beheading people. Enter Vladimir Putin in a strategy to save lives and keep Armageddon from taking place, and immediately, factions are going to start exploiting the situation in thinking............."Well, you got the Russian pounding our enemies, and putting Turkey on the short maybe now is the time to pay back Ankara with nice bomb to destabilize our enemies, the Turks."

This is not Russia's responsibility, but the American people's responsibility for not arresting the foreign agent Birther Obama years ago, before this shapeshifter appeared. What is taking place now is simple..........
All of those terrorists in America and Europe, called illegals are watching this, and are seeing that the situation is looking weakened in the West, and this will then embolden them to act out.

This mixing of the 3rd world Islamist with the 1st world Caucasians, will be like adding acid to ammonia, which will create detonations as in Ankara.

No one cares about the Turks, but Turkey is part of NATO and is Obama nuclear armed. They are up to their couscous in the Obama criminal enterprise called ANALGATE. The buffer zones are clear, and these Armenians are not acting without full knowledge of the same cartel which oversaw 9 11.

Here is a hint in this: The NSA of the Obama regime was ordered to turn off their surveillance for this, so this attack would not be picked up. There are greater dimensions being played out here than just the small field of Edom.

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