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The Saga of Randy Quaid


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For those who are not aware of the saga of the actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi, it is one which does not sit right in something is wrong. Vanity Fair looked into it, and discounted the claims of the Quaids in a Hollywood Whack Team was after them, to Uproxx publicly smearing them as both over the edge.

There is something though in Randy Quaid which is a silent lucidity, which appears at the end of the Vanity Fair article, which proves Mr. Quaid is not over any edge in delusions. In analysis, his wife is high strung and believes a number of things, but I have come across a number of women, some who had rabbits in their houses crapping all over the place, and then flashing boaters on a dock that got too close to their property, to know that high strung does not mean a person is over the edge.

I firmly believe that the Truth always lies somewhere in between. I post Mr. Quaid's comment which I spoke of for this sets the stage for all of this:

“I just always wanted to be left alone to go into a creative space,” said Quaid. “I had to go there a lot because I was working a lot, and I didn’t have the interest of sitting in my trailer in between scenes and going over my bank statements. My main concern was putting a good performance on the screen. But at the same time it was always like I was never able to get ahead, and that felt weird. I just thought, Well, are we spending that much money?
“My accountant, he sent me a letter behind Evi’s back. He said, Your wife is spending so much money—she’s gonna drag you into the poorhouse! They were trying to separate us, divide us, and it really affected me. Like I started looking at Evi sideways, like, This bitch. Yeah, Evi was going into Hermès; she was going into all the stores, Chanel—the whole deal—but now I know if you total up the bills they’re just a little fraction of what I was capable of paying for. I was making enough money for me to comfortably support Evi and her shopping.
“They wanted to separate us,” said Quaid, “because Evi is very intuitive and very smart. She’s the smartest person I know. You can call her crazy, you can call her whatever you want, but she is my lifeline, and if she wasn’t with me, I don’t know where I’d be.”

In the above, Mr. Quaid is reasoning, functional and lucid. In the above, there is also something which is going on in Mr. Quaid had huge sums of cash going out, but he also appears to have huge sums of cash coming in. The disconnect is the bills that he and his wife stated they were paying, and properties they said they still owned, were sold out from under them.

I am reminded of a Coast to Coast AM series of programs in which certain governmental fringe agencies take it upon themselves to test psychological warfare or to employ psychological warfare in order to do studies or actually send people over the edge. The Quaids seem to have somehow come into contact with one of these sub operational groups, who have made a sort of game and a cover up of this.

What this appears to be is the Quaids upset someone who was powerful or antagonized them. This could have been an offspring, sexual partner etc... and a process was unleashed to deal with Mr. Quaid, in a like manner Hollywood targeted Mel Gibson and he suddenly started these rants and non typical if someone was drugging him chemically or electronically.

If Mr. Quaid is correct in the money end, someone inside Hollywood was skimming money from him in large amounts, and the intent was to ruin him and bankrupt him. Add the factor of high strung actors, being provided some paranoia medications, and one touches the realm of MK ULTRA.

What this hints at is this revenge, became a bit too noticeable, as the Quaids became more vocal and focused upon the realities of realizing someone was targeting them. That became a problem for whoever was responsible, as those who run these operations immediately knew one of their fringe was off the reservation.

I deem this a powerful individual, as the operation was not shut down, nor was the person retaliated against by the operational group, instead one can witness in the detention of Randy Quaid in Vermont, attempting to return to America as he was about to be deported from Canada, a flurry of press reports which are planted, and focusing on a spin of Mr. Quaid is unbalanced.
Again the Vanity Fair article proves he indeed is lucid.

In back engineering this, it appears that Randy Quaid insulted someone who was powerful. The word came down from the industry that he was a problem. The word was spread that his wife was draining money, which affected those who wanted to make money off of Mr. Quaid.
This then became the crux of the second phase of the attack, which went from a smear to a financial operation skimming money from Mr. Quaid, with the addition of a protocol which would play upon he and his wife were unbalanced, and the final phase was a protocol to shut off their reasoning so they would get into trouble, and develop a paranoia, so they would flee to Canada, where the Mockingbird would unleash to cover all of this up, as this couple were branded insane.

This is not scopolomine proper it appears, but some type of synthetic which has residual effects, or perhaps an electronic scramble setting this couple off in a type of moon phase which does affect more sensitive people and animals.

Britney Murphy and her husband were neutralized for becoming involved into something they blundered into. This entire Hollywood weave has been the margin of CIA for a generation, and it co mingles of the mind warping of the masses.

I am not going to provide a caveat here, but will say I am not a fan of the Quaids. Dennis is a nasal no talent actor. His former wife, Meg Ryan never had any talent from the days she was Betsy on  As The World Turns, and Randy, I never did get in any of his roles........only thing worse than the Quaids is Chevy Chase. So I am not in this as a groupie. I write of this, because I do not like situations where people are being unfairly hammered like Donald Trump or being screwed with by Homoland as I have been for exposing too many stories of the elite.

I have been in the brier patch too long to not recognize an operation being run by the sub operational groups. Mr. Quaid offended someone powerful in making a movie and the spiral began.

His rich brother Dennis, should do less statements about loving and missing his brother, and more getting him a good lawyer, paying the debts off, and getting Mr. and Mrs. Quaid into some location away from things in a rural location where people know who belongs and who does not.

The final analysis is simple. You can not have two people going off into paranoid madness, unless someone is pushing them there, and someone is scripting a great deal of press to smear Randy and Evi Quaid.

Inquiry points to Bye Bye Love.

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