Saturday, October 10, 2015

Slopping Sexonds Ted Cruz


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In this instance, the Lame Cherry does not like being proven right again, right from the mouth of the traitor, that Canadian, Ted Cruz of Texas.
I told all of you that Cruz was hanging around Donald Trump as a political ghoul, waiting for either the cartel to murder Mr. Trump or waiting for one of the intrigues to take down the only hope America has in Donald Trump.......because Cruz was supposed to absorb all of you Americans like sheep, as in your bleating you would naturally go toward the Pied Piper of Canada, Ted Taco Cruz.

I do enjoy being proven right again, so I can point out to the rich non donors, and all the bed fuzz, once again Lame Cherry by God's Grace was proven right again. I am though filled with righteous indignation that this fraud Cruz told Rita Cosby on WABC, exactly what was posted here.

It is DISGUSTING to hear Ted Cruz arrogantly predict that of course all of you, have no brains in your heads, and in a blind rush would just gravitate toward this fraud.

I am going to remind all the asses who attacked me now, exactly what Green with Envy and covered in Fag Pork Ted Cruz is, as you idiots were drunk with the Cruzaid.

Ted Cruz was sent in to ruin the Tea Party in his Green Eggs and Ham stunt on the Senate floor. His "filibuster" had only one purpose, and that was to go down in defeat, to deflate all of you Patriots who trusted in him.

Ted Cruz is married to the woman who wrote the White Paper for the end of these United States to be absorbed into Mexico and Canada.
Cruz hid this immediately after he arrived in Washington, and made his wife quit the Rockefeller CFR as he was now the bigger stooge to the globalists to mind all of you.

Ted Cruz attacked Mitch McConnell and the GOP elite as "liars". OK you whiss children, what kind of retribution did the GOP elite level at Cruz? Absolutely nothing.
John Boehner went tooth and nail after Tea Party Representatives, but for some reason Cruz was left untouched in the Senate.....and for those still grasping at the Cruz jock strap, sniffing the saying the Senate is different, I can point to Conservative Senator Jim DeMint, from North Carolina, who McConnelle and Cornyn hated. That man took the first opportunity and fled for his life to a think tank, as there is retaliation in the Senate.....but once again Ted Cruz is for the obvious reason left untouched......he is a Tea Party minder for the GOP elite and the CFR.

Ted Cruz is Canadian. There is not any getting around that fact. He was a Canadian child. His Dominion status does not expire no more than Obama's did from Kenya. Ted Cruz is a foreigner not qualified to be President, and yet that ass is running for President, and is expecting all of you Tea Party people to be the 98% Nigger voting block like they are for Obama in being that stupid.

Ted Cruz received a half a million dollar donation from CIA stooge and crook Carly Fiorina from a Super Pac. The same billionaire fags who have bought Cruz for millions. Cruz has absolutely no followers, except being promoted on Breitbart (You do remember Andrew Breitbart was murdered and the cartel put their people in charge of that venue to mind you, and they are the biggest of Cruz backers like Big Koch scripting for Limbaugh who called Cruz "principled".)
If Ted Cruz is principled, than Bendedict Arnold should have been President of these United States and not a traitor in exile in London!!!!!!!

Ted Cruz was handing out with traitor Glenn Beck, toys to illegal Mexicans, instead of deporting them.

Ted Cruz voted for Obamatrade.

Ted Cruz helped increase greencards by 500%.......and so you get this, the real green card stats show that 60 million foreigners came into America since 2009 with Obama.

Ted Cruz is a traitor to America.

The best line I witnessed in this was this comment:

Teddi Urbo ·
Ted Cruz is dead to me...

I feel about Ted Cruz, the way I do about Jeb Bush, the way I feel about Birther Hussein, the way I feel about all of these traitors and enemy agents in, You can have my vote when you pry my cold dead fingers from my ballot!
I will NEVER vote for Ted Cruz!!!!!! I detest this fraud, this enemy foreign agent, this Texas squatter.
Ted Cruz by his actions, his voting record and his disrespect of the Tea Party, and the Lame Cherry is one of the founders of the Tea Party as I was here before there was a group called the Tea Party, as it was my platform which gave them a place to build upon, so this elder statesman of the American Patriot Movement, the Political Militia Founder, denounces Ted Cruz for all the is, nothing but a carpetbagging, foreign agent, whoring for the globalist cartel for the destruction of America.

The Lame Cherry now advocates one thing for this intelligence asset of foreign intrigue, Ted Cruz, and that is President Donald Trump to throw his ass onto that million dollar soccer field in Gitmo Cuba, to sweat it out in a tent, awaiting charges from an American Tribunal for being an enemy of the American People.
There is not one whit of difference between Birther Hussein Obama and Ted Cruz.

Nuff said.