Monday, October 12, 2015

Rest in Obama

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It does wound me in Spirit when I am attacked for doing what I do here. I come across the ignorant rants from time to time, including one from I believe that lawyer from Georgia who has an Obama Conspiracy site, which he has invested years of his life to attempt to debunk the facts exposing Birther Obama, in a vain psychological attempt to validate his mistakes and all of the other Obamalings.

I wonder at times how uninspired people are who do things like defending Obama in tearing and ripping at others. image Obama is not going to invite them after this is done to his Hawaii compound, is not going to send him a real thank these Obama backers do not matter any more than Treyvon Martin and every black in America who Obama betrayed in replacing them with Latin slaves.

It is a point in all the things these white and black Obama defenders, and I have never had a problem with people like Fogbow who did what they did, as they had their reasons for what they did, but they are suffering from Obama fatigue too, and the realization how much this regime has betrayed everyone, and the point is, these white people in Georgia are already replaced as a minority in America, and by the time they are old, America is going to be inhabited by a generation of dark skinned peoples who have been taught that all white people are the problem and that all black people are a burden, and it would be best if they were all deported, so these Jesuit Latins and Muslim browns will inherit what was America.

That is the thing in this, as from the start, the Lame Cherry was the one who was standing against enslaving Latins, genociding Blacks and warning that our children are the target of the sodomite agenda. For this I was issued the lamest of charges in my Lame Cherry analysis was "lame" I never heard that before, and like I never had an Inspired design in that name to make ignorant types bite on that very word to reveal just where their psychological psychosis is based.

I feel sorry for them and I pity them. While numbers of people on the right, have thrown off the liars in the GOP and liberated themselves, so many on the left are stuck in their fears and anxieites in they have to defend the image of Obama, either swing harder for Bernie Sanders or accept Hillary Clinton as the rightful dictator. This is hate in it's worst form of fearmongering in making an intelligent mob on the left herd like lemmings over the cliff. It is a psychological rape in you now have Obama building more US nukes, Iran has nukes, wars are all over the place, terrorism is rampant, the world hates America, America is slaughtering blacks, America is enslaving latinos......and the list goes on of all the things, including Obama promoting burning more carbon fuels as he rewards Big Wall Street, and is everything these Obama supporters have said they are against.....and they attack me, and not the one who has betrayed them.

It all comes down to the fact that when the Obama years are over, the Obama supporters are going to discover that they wasted 8 years of their lives on an entity who prayed on their racism in order to exploit them.

"Voting for Barack Obama did not mean you were not a racist anymore than voting for someone else meant you were a racist. All it meant was in voting for Obama, he psychologically exploited you in your guilt over racism."

- Lame Cherry

Most of the Obama moles have faded like the appearing and disappearing mole on his face, like his appearing an disappearing club hand. Some though continue on as they have nothing else in life, and regretably as they become aware their lives are ebbing, they will realize that they wasted those 8 years, and will yearn to have them back, and they never will come back.

The Lame Cherry is interested in Truth. That is why the things appear here which are Inspired. Without Truth, there is nothing. There is not trust, there is not morality, there is not honor. There are just lies, savagery and self destruction. All there is left is death.

My Leader is Christ Who is in Heaven. That is who I place all Trust in, not in the sons and daughters of men. To do otherwise is foolishness. I play the stacked deck against me, the short hands, the missing cards, the cards up the cartel's sleeves, as it is the only hand there to play. If I was rich, I would not be doing this. I would be off doing what is important to me, and that would be searching out God in Spirit every moment in rest, and doing the things that interest me in the moment, with the duties of life in looking after TL and Mom. That is life.

Even with all I have done for Donald Trump, I doubt I will even get a stealth thank you. I do what I do for God's America and not trying to fight for a man who would probably win this, but not as easily in the back fires I have been putting out.

I predicted that the image of Birther Hussein Obama would become Stalin in 2009, and if you bother to notice the world of Obama, the image has become not a legislator, but a dictator. The image has brought global spread wars and is spreading nuclear arming of nations, while destroying native peoples, and putting others behind iron curtains, exactly as Joe Stalin accomplished.
As an enemy agent, Birther Hussei and image Obama have been the most successful enemy agents in world history in destroying and causing chaos around the globe.

In the French Revolution, those who stood by the regime were purged. That is something all of those who have been gung ho Obama should be aware of, as I warned of this from the start. The internet is a forever mark, and the Tokyo Rose in a revolution is not going to get a Gerald Ford pardon, but a French ending which is not happy.

Is savaging others for a Birther image, who does not care whether you live or die, worth wasting 8 years of your life and putting your future life in jeopardy from revolution or genocide. That is something each Obama supporter will have to answer, as they have not in ignorance contemplated this in their luxury and their venting on others to salve their hurt souls. The decision for them has already been made as destiny is a vixen who lures the fool in and slays them in their ignorance.

No one is going to be safe in what comes. All I have is Faith that somehow God will deliver TL, Mom and I, as those who supported me I pray have the same deliverance. You can not abort a nation, and expect death not to appear in miscarriages over and over again, until there is not a people left.

Is the liberal death for Obama something worth that existence? We will all discover the answer when they die in revolution or invasion, all due to the very mandates this regime inflicted on the world. This regime has raised the Russian bear from it's cave, where Ronald Reagan put it to rest. The entire world is a mob, and that mob is coming.