Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Drone Chronicles

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the attacks on humanitarian hospitals by US assassination drone forces, in massive innocent civilian deaths, it probably has never occurred to you, how or what this is all about. The Lame Cherry is going to explain something as too many well intentioned journalists and reporters do not have the insight to progress the data the are sharing, to explain it in simple to understand terms.

"War" is now prosecuted not by intelligence of eyes on the ground, but by electronic signatures. That should be a clue in the hospital strikes, in something is being picked up there, in numbers, which warrants or triggers an attack. Many times these attacks are coming from bases inside America where these drone assassination teams operate.

The operational teams or rooms are nothing different from any thing the military or regime operates. What there is, is a target list, like the one posted above. Simply your cell phone number is recorded like all cell phone numbers.
You might ask, how in the hell do drone assassins know who to target, as phones do not just appear like Toyotas for Obama ISIS terrorists with terror beacons.

Like fingerprints, there are finite numbers of cell phones which are all tracked around the globe. It is not like there are Walmarts for Muslims all over the place or Radio Shacks. There are definite locations which are outlets and these cell phones are all tracked, and when the NSA in it's wire taps of everything, starts getting the voice identities, which are tracked at meetings..............
Yes Obama has meetings with all the terrorists, and his terror allies mic all the meetings in the hinterlands and hotels, to send the turban heads back in tracking them. I explain in, they all have cell phones, all signatures and all tracked.
So cell phones appear with other chatty terrorist with cell phones, and the cross weave pattern is tracked.

This is what the drone hit lists are made up of, and if you read the above list closely, you will notice that some people are "kidnapped".........uh huh, kidnappers always leave cell phones with the people they kidnap, and you will notice that someone above is a "do not hit" signature.
Yes that would be someone on the American payroll spying on the "terrorists".

There are protocols in these hits. Everything is GPS located, from buildings to whatever, as it does not do, having the Ministry of Defense blown up as a terrorist  wanders in. So a hospital struck, is a hospital sending out signatures of multiple high value targets, which overrides the worry about civilians being torched.

This sounds easy to understand now, but that is what the above list indicates. Cell phones are tracked, and not every terrorist is hit, as each is tracked and when it becomes high asset, then it is hit. There is an entire grid structure in this which compiles in locations and interworkings.
These hunt lists though are standard, but the one above has a name KNOXVILLE, which makes one wonder about what in Tennessee is on a drone list. That sort of is America and it does sort of require a question of what is someone on a known terror watch list, have residence in America, and is not being arrested?
Yes it is a fish on the wire to track this signature, but one has to figure this out a bit, in asking just how many terrorists are being drone tracked in America.

From the above, it appears in the scroll that perhaps 10 are on the above active list.

Again, I will remind those who think America does not have armed drones tracking people. These drones are launched from American bases. They are armed, so America has drones flying with high explosive missiles constantly moving through American airspace.

That should be comforting, almost as comforting in the reality that there are terrorists inside America, being in your Walmarts etc.. where you are, and it appears armed drones are pointing their missiles at them and at innocent know like in hospitals.

See there are all kinds of comforting things, if you just read the data and connect the dots. No need for Edward Snowden, as this does not take leaks to figure things out.

All of this is boring to me, as being blown up by a drone is ...........well an explosion is quicker than human reflex, and you get this fast compression, which is what an explosion is. If you happen to have your walls or things striking you, it is hitting you faster than you can think, and that means faster than you can feel getting assassinated is not that bad of deal. Sort of just a shockwave, a thought starting of "what the hell is this" and then you are dead.
So nothing to be scared of or intimidated by. Bitch is waking up as that wake up in Heaven, and that is not a problem or a problem hovering over a pile of what was you. Dust doesn't even get in your eyes when you are out of body.

Well enough of this, as someone might think someone might have once or twice tried blowing me up.

Different subject, as this is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.