Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Lies About Ben Carson


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I trust in God in how He Inspires this blog, and to the day the Lame Cherry published an expose' upon Dr. Ben Carson, explaining what his 7th Day Adventists believe, which in synopsis is, "All of you are wicked and only they are good and going to Heaven, and you are going to hell for not being one of them".

It is in this, that Drudge Report was hawking a headline about Carson's Adventist  beliefs would not affect Iowans, and PJ Media under Roger Simon, came to the spin for Ben Carson, that lies would be told about Carson.

The problem in all of this is, Ben Carson has been telling nothing but lies about himself in what he really is. What Ben Carson is, is a delusional man with godhood complex and a stalking personality concerning women.
Ben Carson is an empty surgical smock.

The reason being Ben Carson being an Adventist is to understand the term, as I know that his defenders like Roger Simon have never researched one blessed word about what Ben Carson believes.

Adventist means a person in the 19th century, who believed the Advent of Christ would appear in 1844, based upon this Baptist fringe groups belief, on misinterpreted Prophecies in the Book of Daniel.When the Great Disappointment took place in Jesus did not return, this group of false prophets had to find something to cling to, and Jesus instead in 1844 AD left the "Holies" of the Heavenly Temple, and entered the Holy of Holies as High Priest to complete the "real work of redemption" as Jesus death on the Cross had no meaning in saving people. NONE OF THAT is in the Bible, but that is what blasphemy Ben Carson chose to believe in discarding the greatest event of Christ Crucified and Christ Raised, so that all who believe on Him will be saved.

I have placed the list of Ben Carson's liberal and not Conservative realities. George W. Bush in his memoir Decision Points,  spoke to Ben Carson on stem cell research which is taking cells from murdered babies. Carson had absolutely no problem with it, and has stated that "we might as well use the body parts as they will just go to waste".
Dr. Menegele used Jewish body parts. The Japanese in World War II China used body parts. Those were called war crimes, but Ben Carson deemed it acceptable to use  murdered humans.
So a lamp made of Jew skins, is ok for people to sell them for reading lights, as the  Jews are dead already and why have them go to waste?

Ben Carson was involved in child brainwashing in Common Core. His books were used by Common Core.

It is the same nonsense of Jeb Bush being a "conservative" as he tells you Reagan is road kill, we all have to be like Obama and his entire campaign has been to wipe out the Conservative base for liberals.

And what of Ben Carson and his associations with Al Sharpton? Ben Carson never disavowed contacts with that schemer, but instead Carson double downed in supporting  Al Sharpton.

Let the Lame Cherry just explain this all.

There are three groups supporting Ben Carson.

Ben Carson is funded by lying adulterer Herman Cain in his super pac.

Ben Carson is backed by people with psychopathies who lust for an Obama of their own to get wet over.

Ben Carson is backed by the Jebcavers as Carson has no staying power. Carson is dumping all his funds to brainwash those morons in Iowa, to weaken Donald Trump, disappear like black on a moonless night by South Carolina, and open the door for election theft on Super Tuesday by Jeb Bush or whatever is the cartel's choice at that point.

If you want Obama black. Then Ben Carson is your man. Carson is a tool of Big Pharm, meaning instead of Obama's stooges rationing you death, it will be Carson's minders rationing you death.
If you want someone who started the slippery slope that has Planned Parenthood cutting of baby heads to sell their brains for profit, that is Ben Carson.
If you want your children brainwashed to further stupidity, then Ben Carson in Common Core is your minder.
If you want a cult member in a 7th Day Aventist, then Ben Carson is your judge, jury and executioner.

Ben Carson has one purpose for the elite, and that is to fracture the vote for Jeb Bush to steal the election in the GOP primary. He has been lurking around the edges of the GOP since 2001.  He is now in 2015 if you noticed, being extreme in the garbage he is saying on Muslims, to make Donald Trump look extreme. You do recall a Bush plant was asking Muslim questions, and here comes Ben Carson doing the Muslim card again, all to smear Donald Trump.

I will expose all of this. I will not let these Mockingbird promotions of Ben Carson to stand, any more than I would Hillary Clinton.If you are that damned stupid to know what Ben Carson is promoted for, in not to win, but to defeat you, just like Paul Ryan is your spoiler after booting Boehner's ass out of the Speaker chair., then you deserve to be raped, murdered and replaced by a Mexican invader.

The cartel would not keep running these operations if you people would not be responding to them like puppets on a string. The elite told you they were going to destroy Donald Trump, and those asstards in Iowa ran toward Ben Carson to their own doom.
It is frustrating in this rarely funded blog to do all of this work putting out the back fires, but what would I do with sleep and a mind that was not working 40 hours a day.

Ben Carson has done nothing but lie about who he is, what he is and what he believes. He is a deceiver and a beguiler. Those are the facts from the evidence.

There is no plot against Ben Carson. There are only the two plots, in one for Jeb Bush and one against Donald Trump, and Ben Carson is a key in that plot.