Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We have lost the Sepluchure

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

David John Oates did ground breaking work in Reverse Speech, which I have featured here, as they are revealing to what the person really is behind the facade.

The Pater Pope in Reverse Speech, speaks of raping children and other disgusting things, which involves all types of foul language.

Mr. Oates though had a reverse, which I shared here, and it did not make a great deal of sense as the Pater Pope said:

We have lost the vault.

Mr. Oates thought it had to do with the Vatican losing all that was sacred from God.

I was Inspired though by the Holy Ghost to consider that the Pater Pope is Italian, speaking Spanish as a first language and English as a second language. Britishism and Americanism is lost in translation in meaning.
For example a Brit might say bonnet for a car hood, and an American would say pissed for being angry while an Australian would understand it to be drunk.

So I did a type search of what vault is akin to,  and vault in thesarus points to seplechure. A seplechure is a sacred burial place. If the Pater Pope was grasping for a word in translation in his bad English, perhaps he was saying, "We have lost the burial place".

This Pater's first act was to go hug Simon the sorcerors bones buried at St. Pater's in the Vatican. Could it be they have lost the power there, or have they lost the power of the grave, meaning the destruction of humanity in the grave and in hell?

This Pater by his forward speech, actions and reversals is from the darkness and serves it. A satanist would in reverse speech be stating that the satanists have lost the power of the grave and hell, as Christ holds the keys to them, in the power of Life.

I am certain that the word vault is an Olde English type term, like hell was the grave in this Pater's understanding, and he was referring to something else than a place where people store precious things. I believe it is closer to the abode of the dead, and an admission that this dark Jesuit is part of a satanic group which has lost that power.

Nuff said