Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Obama Terror Guns Network

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is time for the United States Government to seize the subsidiaries of Winchester manufacturing and Browning manufacturing from international conglomerate Fabrique Nationalle Herstal, located in Belgium, as it has been proven now that the Belgium regime and this conglomerate is involved with terrorism, and directly related to the Obama regime and Turkish Islamic mafia, in crimes against humanity, from their Terror Contraband Network in Syria, to the murderous plot in Paris France which originated in Brussels and had arms dealers in Germany, to the latest murder spree in Turkey with the Obama regime attempting to derail French and Russian cooperation in eliminating terrorists in Syria.

These are crimes against humanity, and as of today, the Italian authorities seized a shipment of assault shotguns, originating in Turkey, in Trieste, bound for Belgium again, and other points in Christian Europe.

This was not the first incident of  Turkey being involved in massive arms shipments. In September, the  Hellenic Coast Guard of Greece, seized a massive shipment of 5000 combat shotguns and 500,000 rounds of 9 mm ammunition.

This is the crux of ANALGATE, and Benghazi, in the arming of terrorists worldwide, and now the shift has begun to arming the Merkel Vatican deluge of Muslim invaders, inside European cities. This is the Caliphate, the Kosovo's of Europe and America being formed. This all stems back to the 2008 Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, tracking that 300 million dollars in Muslim counterfeit credit card donations to the Obama presidential campaign. These terror invasions and now arming them is all part of this original wire fraud operation, and now there is the matter that the invaders are disappearing from nations they were housed in, and these arms are pouring in through Belgium, where this is all being coordinated.

Many of these firms are already in the American market, but most consumers don't know it because their importers are selling these products under their own proprietary labeling. There's nothing wrong with that because they are solid designs and one distributor/importer told here the other day that has had virtually no-returns because the quality of the guns he's purchased is so high. He was a big believer in Turkish gun manufacturing.

It is at this point, that the entire assets in America of Fabrique Nationalle must be seized as terror assets, and these companies in America be turned over to stewardship to legal American enterprises, whereby they will no longer be a part of this terror network.
Fabrique Nationalle is nothing but a death merchant in manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.

Literally, this Obama regime has not missed a thing American to degrade from Jesus to Ronald Reagan. They have now taken John Wayne's name brand Winchester, and turned it into the weapon of terrorists looking to murder Christian Europeans in every locale.

These are the literal smoking guns of Obama Turkish international terrorism, made for profit out of Belgium. This is the Obama Terror Guns Network.