Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ben Carsin BC

America, do you really want another Obama in the White House, who has as his WEBSITE IDENTITY, BEN CARSON BC, as in BEFORE CHRIST?
The "christians" who bitched about messiah Obama, have no problem with the blasphemy of Ben Carson in choosing a Seventh Day Adventist identity which puts him before Christ.

Ben Carson

Official site - Learn more about Ben Carson and his 2016 Presidential Bid.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Let us just cut the bullshit in all this Ben Carson shit. What Ben Carson is for voters is the GOP's lust to have an Obama who stopped murdering people in the hood and is not a  terrorist like Obama, as Ben Carson is a low energy verbal terrorist.....and a liar.

For the people in the Rubio salsa, Ben Carson is the guy they can destroy later, providing they can skew the polls enough to take Donald Trump out in another election theft.

For the people on the left, Ben Carson is the strawman who Hillary Clinton can knock down without even showing up, as there is black fatigue in America after the criminal career of Birther Hussein and the image.

With those facts stated, let us look at the sins of Ben Carson, in his stellar defense from Ironsides Limbaugh and Rumpole Sowell.

Limbaugh is siting the leftists that Ben Carson really kicked the media's ass, in all of these stories have been proven false in stating that Ben Carson is a liar. Thomas Sowell tracks in this as a solicitor for Ben Carson, that Sowell writes things all the time, and finds that when he examines the past letters he had, that he remembers things wrong.


So according to Thomas Sowell, we need to hold Ben Carson to the same non standard which Birther Hussein has been held. That sort of destroyed America, so I am not going to sign off on the brain that Rush Limbaugh worships. Instead, the Lame Cherry makes this point according to the Sowell Doctrine.

Thomas Sowell writes things and later finds the things he writes are bullshit in he does not remember them correctly.

Barack Obama writes things and later finds the things he writes are bullshit in he does not remember them correctly.

Ben Carson writes things and later finds the things he writers are bullshit in he does not remember them correctly.

Do we see a pattern here, based on skin color, Affirmative Action in giving blacks a pass to the upper levels of society, and apparently something genetic in blacks, like IQ test scores which blacks have been proven to not to be able to exell at "white man tests" while Asians can excel at them, meaning something in blacks is a sort of Walter Mitty genetic flaw in they have delusions of grandeur.........a sort of "yo mama" from the street in all having foot long dicks, white chic magnets and they can all shoot the hoops like whoever the NBA has on the plantation now to sell tickets to that slave trade.

You do recall Jesse Jackson right? He had stories too of spitting in white folks soup at restaurants and then not spitting. Then there is the beloved Al Sharpton, who has this interesting memory in his inflated past. Then there is Louis Farrakhan who has a mothership that was going to pick up all Mooselums.

I could go on, but when you see a pattern of jive talkin', that has a Bee Gee's hit because Afroids have a bullshit meter which starts at WHOPPER and ends beyond Bill Clinton's off the charts, then you know you have a pattern here.

So Ben Carson does not lie. He just has something wrong in his brain like Obama in beating on his chest in saying he killed bin Laden when it was the SEALS. OK, so he they are all deluded. I just do not know if Paul Ryan as Speaker and Mitch McConnell can do all the work that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid did in doing all Obama's work for him, as he lazed around the shack waitin' for the male train to come back..........yes I meant male train going toot toot with Mark Halperin at the whistle stop.

I digress.

So with low energy Ben Carson, America just does not have enough white people left with energy to do the work for him as President. I think Hillary Clinton is burned out. That is why Huma is so cranky and Hillary has the shakes. She was doing all the Obama work in foreign policy and she just wore herself out the poor old gal.

That is the point in this election. I have stated it before. Ben Carson ENJOYS MANIPULATING PEOPLE. That is his focus and he admits that. Ben Carson enjoys going on Facebook, appealing to a bunch of needy white people and pretending he is answering their emails...........ah earth to needy people, Ben Carson does not answer anyone. What Ben Carson does is read emails to gauge where problems are in CHEAP POLLING TRENDS, and then just posts a reply not to an individual, but to the mass, in order to make them think they belong, and then they can tell everyone, "Ben Carson answered my question", but never get a reply in their mailbox, but on his wall instead.

So let us review this. Thomas Sowell, has now made it a genetic condition that blacks of various colors have delusional memories, and he wants you to make excuses for it, like Obama.
Ben Carson is a liar, but not a liar as everyone wants the low energy bunny in the race to knock down.
Ben Carson manipulates people in the worst predatory and psychological way.

The only thing worse in this are the polling numbers of "likely GOP voters" who all have BET on their Facebook pages so they are the ones being polled to give Carson these spikes in the polls.

Ben Carson is a fraud, and now his defenders want everyone of you to give up your common sense, and make excuses for another Affirmative Action candidate who does not belong anywhere near the White House with nuclear buttons.

The next time Ben Carson says he operated 20 hours on a patient, I would just love for Donald Trump to say, "Well Ben, that is Affirmative Action for you, because if the white kid you knocked out of the running by your race, had been operating it would have been 10 hours and if it was an Asian it would have been 8 hours..........."

That is the problem with Ben Carson, he hides behind race and no one but the Lame Cherry gives any of these frauds the response they deserve. You America on the other hand, deserve the frauds you get as you allow elections to be stolen by Obama and then allow minders on the right and left to pick another loser to promote.

That is what Ben Carsin is, sin being a rebellion against all that is normal.